New iOS mobile app super slow

(Ben Siegel) #1

Has anyone else had any issues with the mobile app? Especially with the widget not working? It worked fine until the new app update and i know its not iOS10 since i used it since beta and the new app itself is super slow. Things just don’t seem to work (routines) etc

(might be my fake name?) #2

Yes, some of my routines which I have widgets set up for have been working intermittently (when activated through the widget screen) since the mobile app update.

(Daniel) #3

seeing the same issue too…routines via the widget dont seem to work!

(Ben) #4

Frequently I get 15 seconds of the spinning wheel before anything happens.


Same here. Things behave either very slow or unresponsive. Takes 5 seconds for light to come on after turning it on via Minimote or even a ST/Third party apps. Seems to have started after the ST update.

(Andrew Taylor) #6

Seems I have to relog into the app for my widgets to work. Otherwise they just turn red when I click on them and fail to activate.


My app works great but the widgets don’t work.

(Dan) #8

Widgets constantly going away and needing to re-add them.
The app is so slow it is ridicilous.
Every click inside the app is a 3-4 second spinning circle - extremely frustating.

The Smart Rules app is a 3rd party app and functions outside of SmartThings - Why is this app able to be instant clicks and no waiting?