App suggestions for LED temp colour

A bit of a long shot but has anyone got any suggestions or seen any apps that will allow for a LED lighting controller to be colour controlled by ext air temperature

I have ext temp sensors and ext fib lighting, for a bit of fun it might be nice to change the external lighting dependant on ext temperature. IE… bloody cold … green, less bloody cold blue and so on

Any thoughts anyone !

Have a look over at the webCoRE forum here:

Thanks Nezmo, webCoRE confuses the crap out of me, i did have a look but tbh it is …or appears wayy more complex than my brain can make sense of, if you understand code and all it entails then its a walk in the park but if like me am able to just about use the IDE and github its probably not sensible for me to spend hours trying and failing with webCore

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So you want…

Set colour dependant upon temp?

So… say 5 degrees… one colour
10 degrees… another colour
15 degrees a third colour. … etc …etc

And you want this to be set on your fibaro leds?

He he he… only when you have the time Andy :slight_smile: would it be an issue to change in smaller increment values… say 3 degrees apart. And my aqara temp sensor reads . Values such as 3.2 or as it is now -4.5 , i also use weather tile 2.0 so if the app allows for any sensor that reads temps that would be awsome

Maybe 10 value changes would make it very flexible

A parent/child app might work well here…
That way the parent could contain as many children as you want (max 500!)
You could have a child for each temperature with the ability to set temp and colour
Hmmm… interesting…

How would it interact with your existing door apps (or did you get bored of them)?

If it works for one temp sensor it should work for any device with that capability

Mike, is this the weather tile you are using?

Bored is a bit harsh. They work perfectly but at times they lacked flexability or i lacked thought… most likely. Movement worked great but if i set police colours on movement and one of my never leaving home sons orders food from some random fast food establishment at stupid oclock at night, flashing police lights at the front door made things difficult.

Yup that is the one
Positively balmy

I just installed the tile to see if I can work with this… Yep! No problem as it will show as a temp sensor

This one is easy to fix… install the app twice and have different ‘bright’ colours after a certain time :slight_smile:

So… a bit more detail needed for the child app

The 1st bit is easy…

Temp sensor
Temp to activate
Colour selection (custom)

2nd bit…


on/off switch?

What am I missing

Sunset sunrise
Would over ride current state with virtual switch be possible. I could set up a virtual switch that interups the current colour when in use and sets the fib rgbw to bright white… alexa should be able to handle that in theory so voice command will make a quick lighting change easy

I could then change the virtual switch alexa name to something easy in the alexa app to (porch white ) or something user friendly if someone arrives at the front door

Ok… I can add sunrise/sunset
Not too sure what you mean…

Are you talking about a switch to overide the colour so it goes white?
E.g. it’s 5 degrees so it is green … then you turn on a virtual switch and it goes white.
Something like that?
When switch is turned back off it goes back to previous colour

Need to add ‘level’ setting too… forgot that

Exactly that yes

Yup. As you have said previously, levels are possible with custom colours but not with pre defined in built options

Hmmm… Previous colour is a bit of a pain… the app would need to hold the colour in a variable…
I think I should be able to do that… just abit more thinking required.

So would you control the changeover switch with your sensor on the current porch light?
(At the same time it could be controlled by alexa but you would also need to turn it off by alexa)

I think the fib rgbw remembers last used col… hmm no that wont work. Ah never mind that bit Andy its not mission critical

I would just be grateful if it changed colour by temp with time or sunset as an option :smile:

I’ll have a look over the next couple of days and see what I can come up with

Thank you Andy :):sunglasses:


Mike, try this: