[Beta] Fibaro RGBW Temperature Control

This little app is designed to be used with the fantastic Fibaro RGBW Controller DTH by @codersaur

It changes the colour of the Fibaro attached LEDs dependent upon temperature sensor

After setting up some defaults you can then create multiple 'Temperature Child Apps’
These child apps set the RGBW to a specific colour when a specified temperature is hit

You can restrict the operation by time, sunset-sunrise & an on/off switch
You can also ‘force’ a different colour by configuring a switch (returns to previous colour when switched off)

This is a parent/child app
You need to install the ‘parent’ app and 'publish for me’
The ‘child’ app just needs installing - You don’t need to publish it.

Parent App Here:

Child App Here:

When you install on your phone you need to run through the setup of the ‘Parent’ and save this before adding any ‘child’ apps

I have only tested on IOS with a virtual temperature sensor but it seems to work quite well