App suggestions for LED temp colour

Fabtastic thank you Andy… been putting the app through multiple config changes and variations and i still have real time temp fluctuations to test visually but i have found an issue with the optional bright switch

I have a virtual switch configured to activate white 100% as the optional bright switch. When the v switch is switched on the fib via your app goes to 100% white as expected but when v switch turned off the fib remains at 100% white and fails to return to previous colour

Apart from that it is a great app and as usual i am extremely grateful

Ok… one thing I noticed when testing is that one of the temp children needs to report before recording the ‘previous’ colour

If you turn on all the logging, does it report a temp issued by one of the children in live logging?

Ummm if i knew how to switch on all the logging i would happily give u all the info Andy

I turned on live logging in your colour temp app but unsure where to look in the ide… apologies

Looked everywhere in ide. Obviously live logging is a link up top. Is that where i need to be. Perhaps solution event ? Solution summary ? How or what would u need me to change in your smart app to register the needed event

Live logging aside the app is working very well changing colours as the temp drops. Now i need to match the weather tile hex colours to rgbw. Bit of fun sat there matching colours :smile:

As the colours are now changing correctly, have you tried the ‘bright’ switch?
Does it work correctly now?

Logging in the IDE (UK)

Open a browser and go to:

You will need to login, but this should take you directly to the logging page

Then if you do something in the app (like change the bright switch) you should see the name you used for that app appear at the top somewhere - Like this:


Click on the App Name - Then you can see the reports from this app

The thing to look out for is anything that is a warning, but it’s best if you can screenshot it or copy the data and post it (just after you click the bright switch OFF)

BTW… there should be a switch on the parent To enable logging but the child apps should log a little bit all on their own


I must have a log switch off somewhere. I have same screen as you but my logs show only
Waiting on events
Above that i have “All” but thats it nothing else so somewhere i have logging switched off i guess… i do have it switched on in the parent app

I guess you are using a tablet to browse with.
Ok try this with the links at the top of the logging page…

  1. Click “my locations"
  2. On the new page click on your location name
  3. Click ‘live logging’ again

Magically, the events should start showing :slight_smile:
(After a second or two)

This time of night if i go sit in my office to use my pc the cat will attack me so i use the tablet just for poking around

Im all good on the location name ide issue but the logs have never shown anything for me, i have always assumed there was some switch in the ide to enable them and as i rarely need to look at logs the fact i cant seem to see any has never been my top priority to chase

If its ok with you i will get back to this in the morning when i can tempt the cat away from my desk with her breakfast

Just about every custom app you have will have some kind of logging, even if it’s only limited.
With the switch on you should get something from my apps whenever a change is made e.g. a switch turns on.

No probs, I was looking at the code tonight and might make a small change in the morning to see if this sorts your bright/dim problem out.

I did actually think i was being stupid Andy, after a read around the forum it does appear that Live logging has had issues recently, my live logging has never worked in the IDE and is still not working so it is not me being stupid, i cannot supply any useful info currenty

This is all i have ever seen in live logging unfortunately
08:30:59: info Waiting on events…
08:30:59: info For past logs for individual things go to the My Devices section, find the device and click on the Events link on the device information page.
08:30:59: info This console provides live logging of your SmartThings.

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Support ticket sent, hopefully i will get the Live logging moving soon

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I’ve made a couple of small changes which might help to return it to ‘Dim’ after the bright switch gets turned off.
I have uploaded the new code to GitHub.
You just need to update the Parent - the child stays the same

Let me know how you get on when you get the chance to update it.

BTW Are you using Android?


Is it ok if I try this ?
Or is it just set to work on the Fibaros.

Steve this is designed to use a specific DTH and the Fibaro RGBW controller.
Which device do you have and what to you want to do?


Ah right thought it may also work on other LED controllers… No probs :slight_smile:
I have a few H801 controllers and
Just thought I’d have a play with it but not sure I’d actually be able to use it anyway as my family are always changing the colour of the LEDs lol

The app could be used in many ways
Fridge or freezer with led showing colours dependant on temps
Like me, outside air temps
Hot tub temperatures
Indoor room temps
Even the ability to select any colour changing lamp. Led so they all match dependant on a temp sensor

Lots of uses could be possible

Probably a nightmare to code so i better shut up but i see lots of use case scenarios


I can see I’ll have more ‘tweaks’ to do :slight_smile:

I don’t have an H801 to play with so pretty impossible to create for that
If they can be sourced cheaply I might get one to play with.
I just REALLY like the Fibaro stuff

BTW Mike… did you try the updated code yet?

which DTH do you use for your controller?
Can you point me to a link for the DTH?
If you are willing to test with me I might be able to get it to work