Need general advice for a temperature to color indicator display project

Ok. New to Creating Smartapps or Device Handlers. I’m looking for general advice on how to proceed or whether this has been done before. It seems like a natural app.

The Project: eventually I want to use a five bulb floor lamp with HUE Color bulbs to display 3-5 colors based on a Temperature sensor value. So that when viewing the lamp the colors of each bulb will give a reading of the general temperature of the zone. For now the zones will be 1. Inside 1st floor 2. Inside 2nd Floor 3. Outside 4. Garage
5. Attic
Temperature color values: Hot >85 F Red
Warm 75-85 F Yellow
Comfortable 68-74 F Green
Cool 55-67 F Light Blue
Cold 33-54 F Blue
Freezing <33 F Violet
Certainly for simplicity sake I will start out with one zone and one bulb. before shelling out $ for more bulbs and sensors.
I’m on using the HUE A19 color bulb and the ZSE40 4 in 1 sensor.

Has this been done before? any ideas, comments? Thanks in advance.

It’s an interesting project, but I don’t think most people would’ve done it that way because it will be very expensive at $60 a bulb. You’re talking about $300 or more for a five display panel.

There are a lot of different ways to do this. Personally, I would probably look at virtual devices displayed on a $40 android tablet. You could use SmartThings to design the display because that let you change the size of the tiles.

I’ll leave it to others to discuss how you could vary the display for the virtual tiles, but it should be pretty straightforward.

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Thanks JD. Yup that’s certainly cheaper! And thanks for the DH for the ZSE40. It works very well!

I will take a look at a Android tablet but I would like to be able to see at a glance from across a room at the temp status. I guess having an “Attention” light flashing when an event occurs and then look at a tablet for the specifics would work.

Thanks again.


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If you want to spend the money on the bulbs, that’s fine, different people have different requirements. It’s just why don’t think anyone else has done that particular project yet.

The other thing about the bulbs is that their lights will overlap, which may make it more difficult to tell what color is being displayed from across the room. A yellow bulb next to a red bulb, for example, may look much more orange. That usually less of a problem with display tiles, particularly if you separate them with black. But whatever works for you. :sunglasses:

As far as setting the bulbs to change Color based on the temperature, I would just use core. :sunglasses: It will give you the most flexibility.