App Status Issue on iPhone 5

Not seeing a thread similar to my issue, so I thought I’d ask…

My family uses the SmartThings App on and iPad v1, iPad mini v2, iPad v3, Android 4.1 tablet, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 5S, and an iPhone5.

Recently added the Zen thermostat to the environment, and can control all features from any of the above devices.

The issue being experienced is with the iPhone 5, that while the change on fan from auto to on to off, from heating to cooling to off works when the icon is pressed on the iPhone 5, no change in the icon in the app is shown. Makes this difficult to remotely turn on the AC and receive feedback it is on.

When status is changed on any of the other apps, the icon changes almost immediately and show the new status.

Any ideas that would help fix this? It’s my wife’s phone and if not working properly, my argument for a really nice thermostat is void and I’m in trouble :grin:!

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