Initiating a Nest Mode change in ST appears in Nest App but not on Wall Unit

Within the SmartThings app, I am able to adjust the temp of a Nest Learning Thermostat and observe that the temp on the Nest app (iPhone) and the temp on the Wall Mounted Nest Thermostat update accordingly within a few hundred milliseconds as expected. However, if I attempt to change the Nest Mode from “Cool” to “Off” from within the SmartThings app, the Nest App on iPhone -will- update as expected but the thermostat on the wall does -not- change and cooling continues as though nothing has happened. I can provide movies/photos if needed. I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with Nest Tech Support and they concluded there must be a bug in a recent Nest update or possibly the ST code.

More details on how I discovered this:
I’ve been using the ERIA Smart Door Sensor combined with an up-to-date Aeotec SmartThings hub to control my Nest Learning Thermostat so that the Cooling mode is set to Off when the sliding door is open and then back to On when the door is closed. The setup has been working great for several months and no unexplained behavior. Getting to the failed state, I know that:
+ door sensor working ok.
+ Nest App on iPhone updates sith Nest Mode = Off
+ Therm on Wall still shows “Cooling” and cold air coming from A/C unit

Lastly, as an experiment I also tried to change the Fan Mode from “Auto” to “On” from within the ST app but received a network error message even after many attempts. This data point would support the notion that something has changed in the Nest<—>ST API.

Originator is adding an image to help explain the original entry. Also adding hardware details.

  • iPhone 11 Pro

  • iOS version 13.6.1

  • Nest App Version (iOS) 5.67.0

  • ST App Version (iOS) 1.6.70-549

  • Number of Thermostats = 1

  • Nest Learning Thermostat
    Model Display-3.6
    Backplate Model Backplate-5.4
    Serial #: 09AC01AF0320018L
    Device ID: 6416660000ECCBD5
    Software 6.2-22

  • Aeotec Smart Things Hub
    Firmware Vers: 000.039.00006
    Z-Wave DSK
    Controller Version 2.2

We’re looking into this with Google. Thanks for brining this up. Definitely a strange one! I’ll reply back when we have more information.

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Any findings to report here ?

Thanks for following up. Google is still looking into it, I’ll be sure to follow up when I know more.

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