App remembers my username/psswd despite reinstalling

I’m using MyFlairServiceMgr and have completely removed all related DTH code and devices via the IDE (multiple times now).

Yet, upon reinstalling and running MyFlairServiceMgr and getting to the Log In section of the app set up, when I click to connect to, it knows my Flair username – it displays my email address and asks to confirm that I want to use that. It never even asks for my password.

When completed, it clearly has access to my Flair account (it finds the structures, pucks, HVAC units), but then fails to control them.

Any ideas what is going on?

How does the app know my Flair login?



I suspect that the system browser is what’s remembering your creds, not the app.

I’m using the new ST app, running the smartapp MyFlairServiceMgr.

Could SAfari on my iphone be remembering it for the ST app?

Yes it can. :slight_smile:

On your iPhone, go to settings > passwords. You can see what sites have been stored for auto fill.

Definitely worth trying.

I deleted the remembered password for Flair on my iphone and the same thing happens within the ST smartapp.

Sure seems like some sort of corruption in my ST account.

I removed all DTHs, Devices and Smartapp but it feels like ST is storing this data.

IOS 14 now allows you to set other browsers as the default. If, by chance, you have switched i.e. such as chrome, that too could save the site/password.

Good to know, but I use the stock Safari.

Is there an integrity or rebuild option for my ST account?

Try looking in menu > settings > linked services

Another great suggestion but it’s interesting that even now that I’ve (again) reinstalled all the Flair integration, there is nothing about Flair in the linked services.

If you’re looking for the installed app it would be under SmartApps rather than Linked Services. SmartThings never knows and certainly doesn’t store credentials though. When you auth that SmartApp it opens a webview that redirects to the 3rd party login page.

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When I get to the point in set up (initial execution) of the SmartApp where it directs me to the 3rd party login page, the login credentials are already filled in.

So, something (SmartApp or elsewhere in ST?) is remembering my login credentials to the 3rd party.

Where would this be remembered?


I wasn’t able to reproduce this on Android but was on iOS. On iOS, the sign in page isn’t using your phone’s default webview (such as Safari) and if you select “Remember me” on the Flair sign in page then your credentials will be saved. I am not an iOS dev by any means but this may be the difference between WKWebView and SFSafariViewController. If Safari were being used then you could clear the Safari app data to log out of Flair. I believe because the webview is built into the app, the only way to clear the data is to uninstall the app.

If you uninstall the app and then reinstall is the username and password for Flair still saved?

This is an ST problem.

I uninstalled all the Flair-related ST items and yet the Smartapp remembers my credentials.

It is not the webview remembering the credentials.

It is not the Flair app.

If you are storing the password for the flair app, then yes, iOS can store the password if you selected that and use it for the login within the ST app :slight_smile:

If you want to test… go to settings > passwords and remove any settings for flair, then try going through ST again and see what happens.

If you uninstall and reinstall the SmartThings app, not just the Flair SmartApp, are your credentials stored?

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Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled the ST app and the credentials are still stored.

The problem appears to lie in the following trace showing error 422. Anyone have a possible solution?

patchObjectAsync> - patch api call with attributes {“data”:{“id”:“de16ee71-a91d-495c-a33b-948b4fcc4861”,“type”:“hvac-units”,“attributes”:{“temperature”:78}}} failed, Error: 422