App recommendation for simple security or mode help

(Dane) #1

Hi All,

New to smarththings and new here. Getting acquainted with the system. So far managed to set it up and run it. Have also setup some apps. My question is the simple security or alarm requirement which is away or at home. What is the perfect app for away mode and for home mode. I tried to play with the smart security app but got confused as it want s to add one sensor as resent staying in so can’t be an away mode.
What I want to do is, when I set it to away, all sensors and motions should be on and when set to home all sensors should eb active but certain motions need to be off. Is that possible? How do you all set it? any ideas suggestions.

Also on the smart security app there was a setting for arm system is idle, what would that do and is it needed?


(Steve S) #2

If you don’t have a siren/alarm you want to go off, you can us the “Notify me when” app in the Convenience section.

  1. Install the app and set up which sensors and motion sensors you want it to use to notify you.
  2. In the “Set for specific modes” section set that to be “Away” (this will mean that app is only active when the mode is “Away”
  3. Install another copy of Notify me when and set which sensors you want it to use when you are home
  4. “Set for specific modes” to “Home” - now that app will only be active when the mode is set to “Home”

You can do a similar thing (install two copies - one each applicable to “Home” and “Away” with Smart Alarm if you want a more sophisticated setup.

(Dane) #3

That sounds good, can try the notify me when app, but what if I have an alarm is there an app to do same? As don’t see any using an alarm. Thanks.

(Steve S) #4

If you want to use a siren then use the Smart Security app… Install two copies:

Copy 1:

  1. Pick the motion and contact sensors your want in the “sensors detecting an intruder” section
  2. In “Alarm Settings” select the alarm you want to use
  3. In Set for Specific Modes, select Away

You don’t have to fill in any of the other sections (unless you want to)

Copy 2: Do the same thing except in specific mode select “Home”

(Dane) #5

Thanks, will try that out, any idea what the “arm system if residents quiet for” is for in the smart security app, what’s its purpose can that field be left blank?

(Anthony) #6

I’m curious about what the “Arm system if residents quiet for” means too. I am using trying to use the Smart Security app to text me and trigger the Fortrezz siren when set to away mode. I’m using SmartThings as a way of self-monitoring my office which is very close to my home. The only part I’m questioning is the “Arm system if residents quiet for” portion.

(Wamble J) #7

@anthony that setting makes it so that it enables a Certain mode if there is no motion or activity for a period of time. For example I have mine set to enable night mode when there is no motion for 15 minutes after a certain time of day.

(Anthony) #8

@wamblej thanks for clearing that up.