Setting an alarm minus specific sensors?

So we have a range of sensors placed upstairs and downstairs within our home, usually we go to bed and have a routine which turns all the lights off and sets the alarm to away which activates all door and motion sensors which works great for us.

The problem I have is when I have a guest stay, is there a way I can create a routine such as ‘good night + guest’ which does exactly the same thing with the exception of a motion sensor upstairs in case they pop to the toilet etc?

Haven’t been able to work it out so far!

Thank you!

Are you talking about Smart Home Monitor? Or a user-created alarm smartapp like Smart Alarm?

If you’re using SHM, there are two alarm modes. You can set “arm away” to be triggered by any of your motion sensors in the security settings for SHM (the gear icon). “Arm stay” can be set to to off when only some of your motion sensor go off (or none of them, depending on what you prefer).

Then you could create two different goodnight routines, one that arms SHM in away mode and another that arm SHM in stay mode.


Thanks for the information I have made the changes now and it works as needed :slight_smile: