Smart Security App Help

Have a few questions regarding smart security app as trying to set it up for Home and Away mode.

  1. Is there a way to set a time frame before the alarm would kick in once away or night is selected like the traditional alarm systems which give you 30 or 60 seconds to leave. Is the option "Arm system when residents quiet for " for this purpose?

  2. Is there anyway to have a chime to sound after alarm turned on or off to let users know mode has changed and when one enters to know alarm is on, to disable it?

  3. Is there a notification on the app showing mode has changed from home to away? or is that redundant?

  4. Anyway to text multiple numbers instead of one?

just moved from a traditional system and trying to figure out how to set this up.


I use this to set Mode from Home / Away:

And this is installed for my Away mode:

Which allows you to specify the grace period before the alarm goes off. It lacks many of the features of the other apps, but it works for me.

Great, will try it out , thanks.

What is the purpose of the presence lag? trying to understand is it the time before the mode changes to leave the house? thanks.

Anyone uses any other app, still struggling with this basic need.

The “Delay for presence lag” allows a grace period of a defined interval in which an alarm will wait for you to disable it. People are having issues with presence tags (the actual hardware fob) that it reports that they’re “Home” as much as 30 seconds after they actually arrive - presumably to preserve battery life. You are able determine this grace period in the forgiving_security app so as to avoid a false alarm. Without this delay - when used with hardware presence fobs, you’d probably get a false alarm nearly every time you come home.

Updated forgiving_security on github to fix a but with motion sensors and it now sends along the triggering device name as an alert, so you’ll get “Front door, Dining Room alarm has been triggered!”, which is much less ambiguous.