Couple questions before buying regarding security options

I’m looking at buying Smart Things as a HA/Security solution. Obviously the system is limited as a security system with its dependance on internet and power…but I’ll post those questions in another thread.

My question:

Can I set alarms based on away, home or sleep? For example. I would like every entry sensor armed to the audible alarm for away. However when I’m home or sleep mode I’d like only certain entry sensors hooked up to the audible alarm. How crazy can i get with this WITHOUT programming my own app? IE: When front door opens alarm goes off and lights come on… when Pet door opens lights come on for X amount of time…etc.

yes you can be that crazy without writing your own apps. You just have to use multiple apps to do it. Its not too complicated once you understand the system.

basically use one app for all door sensors and select alarm siren when in away mode.

make another app for the sensors you want to alarm for sleep or home mode.

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