App Migration Issues

I’m having a little difficulty with the migration to the new app. I can deal with the fact that many custom smart apps no longer work and some devices are missing, but my main problem is that I have numerous devices that are listed under the wrong location.

I have six locations/hubs, and for some reason a lot of devices got thrown under the one location that was listed as the default. Samsung support has done a lot of work in correcting the numerous migration issues, but I still have numerous devices that are listed under the wrong location and do not work correctly.

With the classic app, I could go to the IDE website and correct a lot of device issues and apply some github apps. Unless I’m missing something, it appears that there is no way outside the Samsung app to manage locations/hubs/devices or to correct problems. With six hubs and over 300 devices, the IDE website was ideal for managing my locations.

As it is, I need to visit each site location and delete and reconnect devices that are currently not functioning or in the wrong state (e.g., all my garage doors defaulted to open during the transition but are confirmed as closed by video), and as a worst case I can delete the devices that are listed in the wrong location and reconnect to the correct location/hub, but I see long term problems associated with the limited location/hub/device management functions associated with the new app.

While the customer support people are very nice, I really prefer to fix my own problems on my time scale. I also need to be able to manage the locations remotely and efficiently like my UniFi Networks. Any suggestions?

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I have started the 2020 migration to the new ST client and in doing so, my first part was to avoid the automated migration tool, as I have read too many threads on creating the tool accidentally creating
multiple locations, duplicating devices, incomplete scenes and automations…

Since it is not all that complicated what the ‘automated migration tool’ is supposed to do for us, the first thing I did was to see a list of the devices in the new client! HOLLY HOLLY :hot_face:, there are quite a few devices that NEVER showed up in the classic client, or in the IDE. Mostly of these are historical devices that were created & deleted in testing various apps that I do not have installed and properly removed in the App or deleted in the IDE, but somehow these remaining devices only were hidden/filtered from the ST IDE ‘My devices’ view and the legacy ST client. But they show up clear as day in the new client :zipper_mouth_face:.

So, being a good user :nerd_face:, I started deleting all the devices that I new did not have any dependancies and did not show up in a ‘room’… I always have all my devices assigned to a ‘room’ so this was tedious clicking away at over 50 of these ghost devices, but now I am left with 20 that will NOT DELETE. When I press the DELETE key for the device, it simply just depresses and happily does NOTHING, no message, nothing in the IDE.

So, I have created a room called ‘Delete Devices’ and wonder is the next step to email support and ask that they manually delete them?


First, logout/login to the new app client and IDE. Then, ask CS to sync your devices. If you still run into trouble, let me know here and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for providing feedback, we did months and months of testing on the migration and parity between the two apps, but we knew there would be edge cases based on the complexity of what our platform allows users to create. It’s really helpful to have detailed explanations to help us look into issues like this. Much appreciated.

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I don’t know if you were responding to my issues with ghost devices or others in this thread, but I re-asked ST Support {again} to complete this week old request.

[SmartThings] Re: 1017715 | Delete 34 Ghost Devices

Thought I would contribute here: I fcukin hate Samsung and their smart home experience. Everything worked at about 75% prior to migration, now ALL my devices are either offline, not responding, or intermittently not responding to commands making this system truly a piece of trash. I am unable to delete anything from the system, which is comical. I am unable to add my Schlage door locks which are gone. CS comms are a 24 hour minimum response loop so I would estimate that if I decided to participate in that circle-jerk, it would be about a half year before we made any progress at all.
My solution: throw anything with 'Samsung" printed on it in the trash and start over with another functional company. Have a nice day.

I have had days like this… The transition has been a challenge with a lot of lost functionality of devices and apps not specifically supported by SmartThings. Some I can fix using the IDE website, others I have dumped as obsolete.

There is something larger than Samsung occurring here. I have other platforms where there has been a degradation in functionality and reliability. Maybe it’s the Kung Flu or a worldwide communist conspiracy, but the internet of things is getting to be more hassle than it is worth.