I am looking to add a UPS so that my ST hub and Internet Router are always on even in the event of a power failure. I came across the APC Back-UPS BE400. Has anyone got this and if so any feedback on it? does it get hot? does it need to be in a ventilated area etc?

I have APC 1500 works great doesn’t get to hot and its not in the best ventilated area (very little ventilation). I have used APC’s for years they have been reliable.

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I have a Back-UPS 600VA that I put the ST hub, router and an Amazon Echo on. I also have a Back-UPS 650VA handling the FiOS box in the garage. I’ve had them in place for just over a year now, and they both worked flawlessly during the two brief power outages that occurred in that time.

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Also use a couple of APC UPS’s as well as a CyberPower UPS.

Pro’s of the APC BE400:

  • Has 8 ports, 4 surge protected and 4 with battery backup
  • 30-40 min runtime (depending on model)
  • Generally stocked at most online retailers

Con’s of the APC (against the alternatives):

  • Form factor (A bit bulky, especially if being put in a cabinet)
  • No visual display
  • I’ve had one fail in the past within 3 years where the battery had discharged and then wouldn’t charge or power any devices (just had a constant beep)

I use my UPS to power my PoE switch which then powers various peripherals like a Philips Hue hub, WiFi AP’s, Fingbox, RPi, HD HomeRun’s etc.

That depends on the model. The Pro 1500 in my office has an LCD display.

You’re right - I was commenting on the APC Back-UPS BE 400 the OP specified.