Small battery backup?

Do they make small battery backups? I have them for my PC and such but that is way over kill to keep a ST device on when the power flickers.

What devices are you trying to keep on?

And also how many devices are you trying to have on the UPS?

Only one go control garage door control.

I use one of these for my cable modem, router, and ST hub. I got it a few years ago for $20 and they have newer models now that go on sale for about $30.

Here are some posts on Slickdeals:

I have two…but those certainly won’t run a garage door opener. They won’t even power an HDTV. It’s keeping my NVR and secondary router running. (I still haven’t plugged the other one into my primary router yet…)

It does not need to power the garage door only the go control which should be only a few watts, i get a lot of power loss for a few sec and it wrecks the go control.

These little UPS seem to be out of stock.

Does your whole house experience these power losses, or just the go control?

Here’s a list of small UPS on Amazon: