APC Back-UPS BGE90M 75-watt 3 outlet $19 @ Newegg

(jkp) #1

Newegg offers the APC Back-UPS BGE90M 75-watt 3-Outlet UPS for $24.99. Coupon code “EMCPUPS22” cuts it to $18.99. With free shipping.


(Realy Living Dream) #2

My Goto UPS for networking, HA hubs and cameras. I think I am up to 5 or 6 of them LOL. At this price it is cheaper than a good surge strip.

(Steve Jackson) #3

Thank you. This may get me moving on adding a few backups to key systems for when the power blinks.

(B Husk) #4

Offer has expired… Thanks, though!

(Ron Talley) #5

Even at $25, it’s a great investment.