APC (UPS) backup recommendation?

Does anybody have any recommendations for an APC back up? I just need it to run the smart things hub for up to two hours during a power outage. I don’t need it to run my Wi-Fi router or anything else because when I lose power, i lose Wi-Fi. I just want mu smart things hub to maintain connectivity to all my zig bee sensors. Thanks.

I took my AA batteries out of the hub about a year ago because they were corroding.

There are some good discussions in the following thread, although it goes farther than your use case :

Everybody has their own preferences for features. I personally would rather pay an extra 10 or $15 and get one with a replaceable battery. My 2018 comments in the following post.

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Just read about the BE600M1. It’s a dealbreaker for me because apparently the software that comes with it is not Apple supported. And I have a Mac.

EDIT:: Apparently the PowerChute software is not needed. Especially if you’re not connecting your computer to the APC. @JDRoberts your thoughts?

I don’t use the software with mine at all. I think people mostly use it when they want to change how the alarms work, Or, as you mentioned, if they are connecting a laptop/Mac and want a soft shutdown when the battery runs out. but I’m fine with the standard settings. I just plug IOT stuff into it. :wink:

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