Anyway to put a sleep timer on Nest Thermostat?

Thanks guys for the great instructions on integrating Nest with ST. Is there anyway to have a trigger turn off the Nest completely after a certain time?

Hope this is not too late.

I also need a nest sleep timer, so I create this simple thermostat timer smartapp which can be used to turn off thermostat after certain amount of time.

The settings are simple,

  • set the switch to trigger the thermostat and timer.
  • set the minutes to turn off the thermostat.
  • set the target cooling temperature and heating temperature
  • set the temperatures which will turn off the air conditioner or heater

You can create a simulated switch for the timer trigger. You can use either button or switch.
I am using a simulated switch so I can integrate redloro amazon dash smartapp so I can use an Amazon dash to turn on the air conditioner without using the smartthings app.

One more thing, in order to use the nest, you need to install tonesto7 NST manager.

Here you go, enjoy

How i download this app?


First log into IDE for smarthings and select your location etc. select my smartapps, then create new smartapps and select from code. Cut and paste the code from github to the code windows. Then click the create button at the bottom. Then do a save and publish by me at the top right hand corner.

Go to your phone smartthings app, automation->smartapps, then select add a smartapp, you will see the new app under my apps and click on it to install it.

Ater installation, he new smartapp will appear under automation->smartapps, go into the timer smartapp and set the options like temperature, time etc.

Is Not open the code from github, how I can to open?

I fixed the link. You can try it again now.

I got but the thing is when I go to my apps don’t show me nothing

Did you do a publish to me after you saved the smartapp?

In the website show me the app there but when i go to app in my cellphone dont work

In the web page, did you see ‘published’ in the status column for the app?
And when you in the phone app, under my apps, did you see other apps?

Yes I did,show me in the website but not in the app

Yes mean you see published,
Did you see other apps under my apps, or is it empty?

I got this but now don’t show me Nest just my samsung tv , how i do to add nes?

Do you have nest connected/installed in your smartthings?
If not, you need to install to NST manager. Search NST Manager in the forum and follow the instruction to install the Manager. After that go back to setup the timer app.

Sorry my friedn I’m new here ,i did this i could install in the website but when i go to app don’t show me there the option , you can help a little

Sorry, which option are you talking about?
The first one is the switch, you may need to create a virtual switch devices if you are not using a physical switch.
The second one is the thermostat, if you install the nst, you should see the nest as one of the selection.

Option nst manager in the app, is not showing me this option

So you mean you have problem installing nst manager?
Or you cannot find nst manager in the forum?

i was able to install but dont show in the app the option

i could installed in the website have some way i can send pictures for you?