Anyone using rechargeable CR2 batteries with Iris motion sensor?


If yes which one’s and how is the performance? Any recommendation on which batteries are best value for money, rechargeable or non rechargeable?

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Edit . . . confused battery types. Disregard, lol.


I have used these CR2 batteries for almost 2 years now:

NO ill effects, and they are exactly 3V, the same as a regular CR2 battery. As for durability, they last a long time, long time being dependent on the exact motion sensor it is in. I have 2 motion sensors that do not get a lot of traffic, and they are almost a year in there & still going strong (and yes, I do test the motion periodically). Heavy traffic areas I get anywhere from 3-5 months out of them. Here is an odd observation: even when using regular CR2 batteries, some motion devices are just “heavier” on juice usage than others, and they are all of the Iris brand. The rechargeable CR2 usage reflects a similar usage pattern.

DO NOT confuse CR123a batteries with CR2. They look almost identical, but the CR123a is slightly taller than the CR2 and they are indeed 3.4-3.7V.

Also be aware of any CR2 rechargeable battery that claims 600mA or higher capacity. You get what you pay for! And technically it is not possible for the battery to hold that much current, at least not in a rechargeable format at 3V. To get 600+mA you need to bump the voltage up! See where I am going with this?

I have recently also purchased these CR2 rechargeables, but I have yet to use them:

Edit 18/08/16 - The Watson CR2 batteries are actually 3.2V, but they still do the job very well!


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I’m really interested in this thread. I have a ton of Iris motion and contact sensors that use CR2. I’m going to try this.

Looking at this also. Comes with 6 batteries.

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I use mostly rechargeables.

I suggest locate the charger in a fireproof area - I’ve had batteries melt in chargers, not the charger you show, but you might as well avoid the problem.

I usually monitor the chargers with a wireless temp sitting on them, and a couple of times it has indeed triggered a shutdown when the temp got unexpectedly high. Many chargers claim to be temperature-protected, including mine, but after 1-2 meltdowns I added this external shutdown.


Well since I’m outside of USA I’ll can’t buy with shipping restrictions on lithium batteries so will be looking to sell my sensors. I have two brand new Irish Motion Sensors if anyone is keen. Payment by PayPal and I can ship them by Airmail. Would be easier and cheaper to remove the packaging before shipping. If no one keen here will list them in Deals section and eBay.