Iris Motion Sensor: Tiny SmartThings Sensors Everywhere

(Jamie Bailey) #1

I deployed 10 Iris motion sensors (model 3326-L) in my house to monitor the activity in 10 different rooms. This little sensor just became my favorite motion sensor. Tiny, $30, good range, quick response times, and ST compatible. I wrote up a short review of my experience at .

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2

And they run local with smart lighting!


I love these too, I have about 6 of them. I have had one that eats batteries. Resets didn’t help. Replacing it was only fix. they work great. Nice write up!

(Kevin) #4

Same… they are my go to purchases since Lowes will put them on sale a couple times a year for under $30. I also had one that has turned up eating batteries. It has ate 2 batteries…may try it again, as I dont learn quickly lol. They tend to work as good if not better than the ST sensors I have.

(Eric) #5

Any chance the led light in you sensor that eats batteries on all the time?


I watch the prices on these closely. Recently Lowe’s actually put the prices up!

They used to be $22.99 and $29.99 …

(Eric) #7

I had a hope that on Father’s day we would see some decent deals with these devices…

(Sully) #8

Just noticed they’ve put them on sale. Question about battery life: I’d like to put one in a fairly high traffic area. Will extended periods of motion drain the battery faster? Trying to decide if a sensor that can be plugged in would be better. I’m curious as to what (if any) impact it would have on battery life. Looks like a good deal.


I have them in extremely high traffic places and I see no difference in battery life from those in very quiet areas.