Anyone using rechargeable CR2 batteries with Iris motion sensor?

Yeah, when you get up there in devices, the battery cost explodes! Actually, there is a small hit for wired devices as well. I believe around ~.5 - 2 watts per device! That can add up as well. The more we add, the more the law of diminishing returns apply.

I ended up hard-wiring some of my troubled sensors and just outright replacing others. I had some Visonic Contacts that were chewing through batteries. I replaced them with Iris Contacts and never had any more issues.

I am up there in devices as well. I feel your pain.

BTW, does your “Things” tab populate in the Classic App? Mines stopped about 30 devices ago. Wondered if there was some type of hard limit…

I seem to remember reading 300 device limit.

I had the Things list issue for a month. I added a new device and it cleared-up so in my case it may have been an issue in the database cloud side. Who knows. I’m at 207 devices (about 10% virtual).

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Nope. It doesn’t load.

I hard wired my zwave shades as I was going through 32 AA lithium batteries every 3 months.