Iris Motion or other high drain 3v battery AC/DC replacement

$6 SMAKNÂ Premium External Power Supply 3v 1A AC/DC Adapter
I bought 5 Iris Motion sensors at a Lowes close out, $10/each. They work well, and are very small.
I had one that started eating batteries. Not exactly sure why but went from 6 months to 4 weeks, with the new App. Is in a “busy” spot, but I never moved it. Might be “poling” the stats (temp?) more often, but didn’t want to worry about that.
I just soldered wires from a 3v AC/DC power adapter. Works great, and no more batteries. The GE Pourable Motion sensor, 6v, can also use external power, USB.
Nice if you are like me and want things to run without a lot of battery replacements .
FYI: The Iris are ZigBee and it took me awhile to realized why it wouldn’t work way out in the far garage. (where I was doing my soldering) Everything out there is Zwave.