Update on Current Best Motion Sensors? (2023)

Hello all :slight_smile: So it’s been years since I’ve had to buy a motion sensor for ST, and I’m sure a lot has changed. I had a batch of spare sensors, but after a couple of failures and new applications I’m finally in need of one.

Looking for something reliable for motion detection for lights on/off that doesn’t eat batteries for breakfast. Have no big issue with the polling delay of most sensors, as long as it’s not crazy. Just need to make sure the lights eventually turn themselves off properly.

I currently have a mix of SmartThings’ own ones, and some 2nd generation Iris motion sensors. My experience has been that the old SmartThings ones are fine, even if they do need batteries replacing a little more often than I’d like. Unfortunately I’m aware they don’t exist any more.

The Iris sensors I have are basically amazing or terrible. I had to get quite a few to find good batches. The bad batches eat batteries rapidly. The good ones I have seem like perpetual energy machines. I swear the one in my kitchen lasts forever. I must have replaced the batteries once or twice in 7 years. I love them.

In any case, for my garage I seem to only have one of the bad Iris motion sensors left. I don’t see any other 2nd generations on Ebay, and I feel like I remember thinking there was a reason I didn’t want a 3rd generation. Does anyone know a possible reason for that?

Barring Iris, are there any other sensors I should be considering for my needs?

Thanks so much for any help you guys can provide.

If it’s pure motion the ikea are cheap and hard wearing and are IP rated so I’ve put mine outside.

Philips hue also have an outdoor with Lux and Temp but has a premium price.

Indoor the P1 Aqara PIR is ok priced and has a great battery life plus LUX and Temp.


Thanks :slight_smile: Would you say the P1 has the best battery life of the three? Presumably all three work well with ST

If Battery life is the most important the P1 holds 2 * CR2450 and is advertised as having a 5 year battery life. I would take this as a Maximum battery life. But I installed one in June 2022 and it’s still at 100% battery life, so at least 15 Months. I also have a number of Ikea Motion sensors that have 2 * 2032 Batteries and I’m getting around 1 Year out of them.

The Philips Hue only last around 8 months for me, but they are AA batteries so very easy to source and replace.

All three work well in ST. For outdoor Hue, gets my vote over the Ikea if cost isn’t a consideration.
And for indoor with the extra LUX added in the P1 is great.

I’m also playing around with using MmWave Human Presence Sensors. These are USB powered, so Battery isn’t a consideration at all. and they are better so far than a PIR sensor. and have LUX built in

Tuya WiFi /Zigbee Human Presence Detector Smart Human Body PIR Sensor Radar Detector Microwave Motion Sensors - AliExpress


I have around 25 of the 3rd gen Iris sensors. I think the only difference was they report humidity and the 2nd gen didn’t. Batteries last a little over a year and I have never had a bad one. I see them on Ebay and Mercari all the time but they are expensive and for good reason! You get motion, temp and humidity and the reading are spot on so there in high demand. I read there were a lot of 2nd gens that went bad. Also dont buy cheap batteries on Amazon and wonder why there dead in a month!

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I’m using the Aeotec MultiSensor 6, which can run on either battery or USB. A bit pricey if you only want motion, but great if you need multiple measurements, its nice to have all of them together. Also not water proof. I’m running 2 of mine off USB and it works great.

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