Anyone used the GE IS-ZW-TSTAT-100 Z-Wave Wireless Thermostat?

(Jerry Hatchett) #1

Very basic thermostat that sells for $67.50. Then again, if a thermostat is integrated properly into an ST ecosystem, what’s the need for vast on-board programmability? Isn’t plain old temp-setting enough, or am I missing something?

(Edward Pope) #2

Yes ST can indeed take over the Thermostat automation. There will be some cases where you will need a SMartPP for some sort of special setting. But, you are generally right,

SmartThings is a cloud service, so understand that if the connection is lost, that the thermostat will not be adjusted until the hub reconnects.

So that might alone be a reason to have some intelligence in the thermostat

(Jerry Hatchett) #3

Got it. Makes sense. Thx, Edward.

(Edward Pope) #4

You are very welcome. The community here is pretty good, actually once of the best that I have seen on the internet in relation to a service or company.

(Jerry Hatchett) #5

I ended up ordering a 2gig CT100. Only a few bucks more, and has some on-board programmability.

(Edward Pope) #6

Let me know how that works out for you. I am interested in that one myself

(Jerry Hatchett) #7

I will indeed post my experience.

(veni) #8

I have a 2gig CT100 myself and it works very well with ST.

(hakem) #9

I ordered then cancelled CT100 just because my heater presently does not have any thermostat. How would it communicate with the heater system ? ( Is wiring compulsory or any other component I can order to avoid this ?

Thank you,