Remote Thermostat (ZTS-110)

Searched and didn’t find anything for this device. Anybody have one working with ST?

Remotec ZTS-110 - Z-Wave Smart Thermostat

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I have it working with Smartthings. Can’t say I’m very well pleased with it, but it does work. If you use one, make sure you aren’t going to be running just off battery power since the updates to ST would be very infrequent. I have dedicated power to mine. My main issue is the interface using keep me cozy app. Looking for a better way to control it. Keep me cozy won’t keep my settings and very difficult with the slider to change the temp. Seems to work best with thermo set to auto. I don’t know if all my issues are with the thermo itself or with the app. Right now I am saying the interface is the problem. Haven’t dug too far into it yet to see of there is an alternative app I can use.

Thanks for the info, I’m not sure if I have a C wire so that’s good to know. In case you’re interested I have a thermostat SmartApp that averages temperatures between two living spaces during Home mode and two bedroom spaces during night mode. I haven’t touched in quite some time though.