Radio Thermostat CT-32 with Zigbee

I just picked up a Radio Thermostat CT-32 with the Zigbee radio module. After 5 minutes trying to pair it I’m assuming I screwed up and it’s not going to work with ST.

When trying to pair it, I’m not even seeing any catchall messages in the IDE logs. Anyone running one of these?


I’m not running zigbee, I use Wifi, but FYI you may be able to convert to Wifi with the right USNAP for appx <$50. Then I suspect you will have access to the Filtrete gateway for remote management by any browser, if you dig remote exploit vulnerability. The gateway and the corresponding phone-app are pretty decent - not as good as Ecobee but pretty good for 5+years ago. And geko@ST made a Wifi driven DH that works well with ST at the moment, simultaneously with internal schedules if any, AND the gateway. Maybe it’s too connected.

I don’t think zigbee or zwave will provide remote access via the gateway, just whatever hub+app with which it is paired .

EDIT - if you got yours cheep, maybe it is already paired to some previous hub, so you have to reset before pairing to yours. Most zigbee devices, I expect to reset by holding “the button” while inserting the batteries or connecting power. The manual will specify the procedure

Thanks. I’ve had a different model radio thermostat in the past that did zwave and worked. Really hoping to make zigbee work as my zigbee network already works flawlessly in the garage.

Bueler? Bueler?