Thermostat Recommedations

I’ve been looking at the Ecobee3 thermostat and have the opportunity to buy one for $130. I’ve read several posts talking about the frustration with cloud to cloud integration into ST and recommending to go with a zwave thermostat. Any thoughts from anyone? I don’t need something super fancy with learning as I work from home and manually set my temperatures. I would however like something a little more advanced than the 2GIG CT100 in the event I decide to use it as a standalone thermostat down the road.

As an added note, I do have a C-Wire in place so battery usage is not an issue.

best price there is. Don’t depend on the integration and you won’t be disappointed.

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Does anyone have experience with the Honeywell 7-Day WiFi thermostat? Link

Where can you get one for $130??

I have the Honeywell RTH6580WF which is ~$86 on Amazon. Works great but it is not compatible with SmartThings Hub. You can download their app and it works fine. You can set on a heating and AC weelly schedule and set it on AUTO. It determines if you need heat or AC(I have heatpumps) and you just forget it. It switches to whatever you need. It works great…just set it and forget it. You have to read the instructions and make sure you set the thermostat to the type of system you have. It is factory set to conventional heating…have to reset it to heat pumps or it will not work. You also have to have a blue wire which I believe is 24V or it will not work.

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Great price! I have had mine for about a year now and been super happy with it. The integration was a pain for a little while during the march melt down days but I haven’t had bad issues with integration.

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At a Lowe’s in PA. It’s on clearance.

$130?? makes me want to cry, I haven’t even installed my ~$214 one I got a couple of weeks back!

I had a Nest gen2 before that broke but the ecobee3’s remote sensors got me interested, I didn’t want to get expensive Nest protect to use as remote sensors.

Where in PA? I live in Baltimore County so I’m not opposed to driving up to York or that area.

Avondale, PA shows 1 at $149. Stack that with the $20 off $100 and it drops it to $129. Good luck!

1 hour, 20 minutes away. 3 hours there and back. 3 hours alone in my car without the kids, the dog, or anyone demanding my attention…So worth it.

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  1. It has best integration with ST yet (open or @yvesracine)
  2. if ST fail it still work itself. Zwave thermo just dies if ST can’t control it.
  3. awesome price

oh. I forgot.
Remote sensors - that is what makes it best.

Seeing how it shows QTY 1, I’d recommend calling first. Or if you really want the break go without calling. haha

The closest “cheap” one I can find is now $199 - $20, so I’m still on the fence. Comes out to $190 with tax. Dunno if I can find a better deal online tax free or not. Decisions, decisions…

I would order it online first so I can get the renovopower discount and let them email to tell me it was ready to pick up.

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I have the RTH6580WF working with SmartThings using the Wi-Fi FocusPro 6000 device.

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You can’t use nest protects as remote temperature sensors. Is that what you meant?

Yes, I thought that was one of the selling points of the nest protects? I must admit that I didn’t really look hard.

Nope. It can be used an occupancy sensor to determine if your home or away but that’s about it.

Aah, that’s what it was, not remote temp sensor! Thanks :slight_smile: