Best way to install the ST multipurpose sensors on the doors?


I have another newbie question.

I would like to know the best way to place the multipurpose sensors on the doors? Do we need to place the main sensor on the moveable area of the door and the magnet on the fixed area towards the side of the door ?

Is there any pros and cons of both ? I’m reading that installing the main sensor on the main door would be able to capture the door knock events and trigger some actions.

Pls provide the best recommendations for installing the door sensors.

Thanks in advance,

Typically trim around doors can be a bit difficult to adhere the larger piece to, so the larger piece on all of mine is on the door and the small piece is on the trim. Also if it has the movement feature it would best detect the movement of the door but that’s kinda moot since the switch is the important part. The frame might provide a better temperature reading though if you’re interested in that and your sensor supports it.

Up to the situation, my frame design / size demanded I did it as described but maybe if had more flat room I’d do it opposite to get a better temperature reading.

I install on the opposite side of the hinge. In the frame above the handle. This way it is activated as I start opening the door to activate lights etc. I place the smaller piece magnent on the door itself (smaller and lighter) and the larger sensor on the stationary frame. Hope that helps, I do use door knocker Smart App with the sensor as well.

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I use the 3M Command strips to hang all my sensors. Try to leave a little bit of it exposed or tucked under so I can remove without ripping off paint. Has come in handy when I needed to replace sensors

Switched to Iris contacts. They don’t have vibration but they fit on the door frame better. The knock is hit/miss with the smartthings sensor.

Wow, I never gave placement much thought, but now seeing this discussion I am thinking about it.

I would have never thought to place the actual sensor on the frame, but now I am thinking about it.

So, by placing the sensor on the frame, this means you would get vibration notification, when the door is knocked on, or the lock and knob are being handled.

But would NOT get vibration sensor when the door is already opened and moving, which is good, as I would consider vibration sensing if the door is left open as un-needed information.

I also recommend placing the sensor on to top end of the door opposite the hinges. This way it detects smaller changes in door movement and doubles as a vibration sensor.

Also, remember that it includes a temperature sensor and you will get more accurate temperature readings there. Floors are usually colder that room temp and if you have a forced air HVAC system, the air usually moves through a gap on the bottom of the door.

For placing the sensor on the inside or outside of the door you may want to place it opposite of where a potential intruder enters for tamper protection and where you want to measure temperature.

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