Iris garage door opener replacement sensor

My garage door sensor has fallen off the garage door and broke. I’ve scoured the interwebs and can’t seem to find where I can get a replacement. Anyone know where I can get one or is there an alternative? I do have a few contact sensors laying around if those would work.

Have you tried contacting their Customer Support?

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I did email them after I found their website. Thanks for the suggestion.

So i have contacted customer support which told me they won’t sell me the replacement piece and they tried to refer me to another company in my area, but they would only sell to commercial. I guess if this piece is damaged I’m going to have to pray that i can do something through the warranty. I’m not holding my breath.

I’m just guessing that you wouldn’t be able to replace the sensor without replacing the entire unit, because the sensor is ID’d to the base. I have two of these for both garage doors, and each sensor talks to its own base. Otherwise if they were generic I would assume the would get mixed up.

That seems to be the consensus. Looks like i’m going to have to replace the whole thing. No response from their email support after two attempts as well.

I had the same question several months ago as we replaced our garage door and forgot to pull off the sensor before doing so. I came to the same conclusion; no response from the company via email and phone help said they couldn’t/wouldn’t replace just the sensor.

I have an independent tilt sensor for backup but don’t have the skills to try to hack together code that might override the controller’s reliance on it’s default sensor. Not even sure that’s possible, either.