Anyone Use EZVIZ Wi-Fi Smart Plugs (T30)?

I’ve had my SmartThings Hub V2 for quite a few years, and have never really used it for automation, just as a straight bridge for Alexa, and very recently I’ve tried migrating all my devices to ST including some Tuya and Shelly stuff, but I haven’t been able to migrate the EZVIZ WiFi devices. Does anyone have any experience in this regard?
The Smart Plugs themselves are not easy to disassemble, they have a ESP8285 MCU (TYWE2S) inside but I lack the hardware in order to try Tuya-Convert on it, to access the pins of the board, requires some destructive persuasion, so I’m not too keen on that because the device connects directly to mains power.

A few possible options:

  1. Try adding them to to the Tuya or SmartLife apps. If that works you could use the Smart Life integration.

  2. Use IFTTT as an intermediary. More that 2 applets requires a paid subscription. You would need a virtual switch in ST to trigger the IFTTT applets.

  3. Use Alexa as an intermediary. You would need an Alexa Virtual Switch in ST to trigger the Alexa Routines.

  4. Use Google Home as an intermediary. You would need a virtual switch in ST to trigger the Google Home Routines.

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I’ll look into Alexa virtual switch. Thank you.

Go the following to create the Alexa Switch