Device Handler for Antela Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

Hi there, I dont know if Im in the right place but I just bought at a nice price a couple of Antela Wi-Fi Smart Plugs they work just fine with Smartlife app but I was wondering if will be possible to make them work natively in Smarthings hub with a device handler or something, because Smarthings app doesn’t even see them when I try to import them.

Is there something I can do about this?

I don’t know if helps but the model is the Antela F1s202-EU.
Thank you so much in advance

Following the link below will allow you to control these plugs with Smartthings.


Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.
I will give it a shot

A sexta, 4/02/2022, 01:18, PCO via SmartThings Community <> escreveu:

Probably a noob question but how can I enable them on ST web portal? I’m in the Devices Tab but I dont see anything I can turn On and Off…


Your are showing the IDE. The web portal is at -

I see, thank you so much Paul. Its working now! :smiley:

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Maybe I’m doing something wrong but do I need to awake them up everytime I want to use them? Because they appear always offline from one day to another.
Thank you so much

I only wake them up once.

I create a ST virtual switch for each Tuya device and use 2 automations to control the on and off Tuya scenes. I put the Tuya on and off scenes in a room I call Tuya and never look at them again. And yes they show offline but it doesn’t affect anything.