Anyone having SHM "sit and spin" and icons disappearing for Rooms, Things, and Family?

Title says it all. SHM was working fine for me, as well as all my icons (ST default ones and my custom ones), until perhaps the latest set of changes outlined by Alex?

I have submitted 2 support tickets, so just seeing if anyone in the community is experiencing the same thing.

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Yep, SHM just spinning. No disappearing icons for me at least yet


Yes for me too. Spinning SHM and room icons dissappeared one by one.

Yep. Looks like Smart Home Monitor is down. I just have spinning circles.

No spinning, but all room and thing icons gone. (sigh)

Add me to the list of spinning circles

Same here, spinning circles as well.

About an 1 1/2 hours ago, all my room icons, SmartApp icons, and custom icons being used in SmartApps were gone.

I tried closing and opening the SmartApp, but that didn’t fix it. I checked it again about 45 minutes ago and everything is back to normal so maybe your icons are back too.

Not yet. All icons still gone


Thanks all for your replies. While asking everyone to send in a support ticket is what ST would want us to do, I’ll ping @slagle as a heads up that something is up.

Tim, here are the tickers I just opened:

Request 223746
Request 223744


Here’s mine

With all due respect… “F” ST. Tired of this BS.

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Opened a ticket as well.

Phone is going to buzz every hour as there was a false intrusion earlier in the day I cannot dismiss due to this nonsense.

ST is like whack-a-mole. Problem pops up, we resolve it by making changes to the way we deploy / use it. Another problem pops up, repeat. Endless cycle of f’ing madness.

What a tool of convenience.

Glad I saw this, I am also in this endless loop of spinning circles. If I force quite the app and try a few times, I can get into a room, otherwise, meh. I was also on a streak of great performance, then the inevitable update.

I’m on IOS / Iphone 6s, but I’m putting in a ticket. I can’t get anything to work. Minutes to get “error loading things” then refresh, then icons are there, then sometimes not.

Just another reason this system should have WAY more local control. This cloud stuff is great, but come-on, we simply cannot rely on it completely. We need a backup plan.

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There’s no reason to expect that SmartThings would be any less clueless with a local model; bad software is bad software.

Alex can continually tell us their errors are hovering around .0x percent, but if he actually believes that, he’s clueless too.


I’ve now written regarding the issue as well. I’m not going through the pain of a hard reboot and all that stuff when I’m sure they’re aware and a reboot isn’t going to change anything except the fact that I think I can resolve their issues with a reboot.

All the good luck the last week, all routines working properly, CoRE coming to fruition. All those good things, quashed by these “improvements”. Not trying to sound too doom and gloom, but this kinda sucks. I was happy to have things working…but I guess that’s not what Smartthings is about…just working.

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already hard rebooted my hub, in hopes of being able to sleep tonight… nope. SHM still spinning circle.

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Loading SmartApps
Incident Report for SmartThings
We have identified a partial resource outage at 9:30 PM CDT today. Some users may experience difficulty viewing SmartApps, such as Smart Home Monitor, in the mobile app. We are continuing to investigate and work towards a resolution.
May 27, 23:18 EDT
This incident affects: SmartApps (North America).

I was just refreshing that page. Let’s hope that this is not a step backwards, but just a blip… just being optimistic!

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