Anyone has trouble with the Smart Home Monitor? I'm unable to uninstall it

I played a little bit with the Smart Home Monitor. Now I want to disable it entirely but every time I try to uninstall the feature I activated, I get the usual “Unexpected error occurred”. Damn I’m tired of that error…

I wrote to support but the reply I got was that it might take days before getting an answer.

Any one got an idea?

I’m having the same issue. When trying to uninstall the ‘UEO’ problem. :frowning:

I think one possible reason, at least for me, is that I setup to arm/disarm in some of my routines and there is a known bug that prevents the app from properly allowing you to un-select all options.

So I think that you can’t uninstall SHM security if it’s being touched by the routines, and you can’t remove it from the routines because of the bug.

That’s just a guess on my part though. As a work around I just setup for every routine to put SHM security into disarm mode.

I’m having the same issue. I opened up a ticket about this to Support

Go into SHM setting and remove all the devices. It is now configured to nothing. Just like an empty smartapps until supports can figure out the known bug. That’s what I have done to my hub 1 location after switching to hub 2.

Same problem here - can’t uninstall it and it reports my smoke alarm as being ok when I don’t have one.

There’s another post on this too. I had the same problem and the only way to fix it was to have support nuke the entire SHM instance and reinstall it for me.

Same here , i have sent an email to the support.