Anyone else having issues with routines in Android app

Every time I try to run my routines I get a “Sorry, but there was an unexpected error” message. Very frustrating! Has anyone been having this issue?

I had two instances in the past 3 weeks where suddenly SmartHome and a Smartapp broke or functioned in strange ways. In each case the solution was to save all the settings, and the problem dissappeared. My feeling is something is corrupting the settings, and a ticket was submitted to Tech Support.

Perhaps going to each of the Routines, then saving their settings will fix it?

Have you got Arlo cameras in the routines? These have been causing me the unexpected error. I’ve removed them for now. Controlling them via Smart Lighting. Raised a support request.

Ben - I do have Arlo cameras. Have for quite some time with no issues. Thanks!
arnb- I will try your suggestion as well- thanks!

I was having the same issue the last week or so and doing the above fix it for me. Also, for me, only my routines that were looking at Sunset/Sunrise were being affected in Smart Lighting. It was ignoring that part of my routine so while I had one that said turn on the outdoor garage light when the garage door opens between sunset and sunrise it was turning the light on no matter what time it was. After going into the routine, clicking next, then done it now works properly.