Routine not working when another has run before it

Hi guys n girls, So I have had a really strange problem this morning, i emailed support but I might not hear from them for a while so I thought I would give it a try here and see if anyone has any ideas what might be happening.

So my goodnight routine fired as usual last night, putting me in night mode and switching all lights off. This morning my morning routine fired up, but when switching the bedroom light on it instantly switched it back off (going by the activities smartthings told it to switch off) However the landing light that was also switched on, switched on fine.

I narrowed it down to only being a problem when the goodnight routine is fired first, as if i run the morning routine again the light comes on fine. Its wierd because this has all been working fine until this morning, and yesterday I was messing about with adding new routines for daytime triggers (coincidence?)

Any ideas on how to figure this out or if you already might know whats going on here that would be great. Cheers guys.

Hi Mike,

I know your post was from March. I am just curious if you found your answer on the issue. I am currently having the same issue with routines not running when they were working fine before. Let me know if you found anything out on the issue.