Unexpected Error in Routine when turning on multiple Arlo cameras

I recently started getting a message saying “Sorry, there was an unexpected error” when trying to run SmartThing routines that turn on or off more than one Netgear Arlo camera. A single camera is fine, but anything more I receive this error. It only started happening recently, within the last couple of months, so I am suspecting perhaps an SmartThing update caused it. For now, I have worked around it by creating multiple routines (1 off and 1 on routine per camera) triggered by a virtual switch, but that is pretty annoying. Has anybody else encountered this?

Just been trying to troubleshoot this ‘unexpected error’ with my routines and have just narrowed it down to the Arlo cameras. Just tried as you suggested and only included one camera in the routine and it works without an error. I might try to create a Smart Lighting automation (Or maybe Core) to trigger the cameras on/off based on mode change to see if this works. I’ll also raise a support request.

Thanks. I too raised a support request yesterday… here is their response…

Hi Rich,

Thank you for reaching out to SmartThings Support!

I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue with your Arlo Cameras. You have done a great job in trouble shooting the issue and have exactly pinpointed a known issue that we are diving into at the moment. The engineers have been made aware and are currently working on it! I do not know when it will be resolved, but we are working on it!

Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.

_ Sean_

SmartThings Support

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Same problem is happening here and also opened yet another support ticket hoping that they fix it soon.

FYI, this happened before;

I am also having the exact same issue. Quite frustrating as this has occurred several times in the past year.

Also posted the following at Routines not running and Arlo Cameras Infecting Routines

I got a response from support that they do not have an ETA on when this issue will be fixed:

Currently, we are suggesting users create duplicate Routines and placing only 2 Arlo Cameras in each Routine.

You can also try using Smart Lights to trigger based off of a Mode Change.

I tried the Smart Lights suggestion, which appears to have resolved the problem.

Yes, same issue and same solution. As you said, very annoying!