Anybody looked into integrating Wireless Sensor Tags?

It was a week ago Thurs or Fri, I emailed them Friday. I will wait till Monday and order again.

I’m pretty far along with doing a custom integration of Wireless Sensor Tags into SmartThings using their web APIs. I should have something to share in the next week or so.


Cool. Can’t wait!!!

DItto! Just installing my Hub and the first 10 sensors.

Thanks for the replies, I just replaced my order. This time I was got a order confirmation page, email confirmation so I’m good. The bad thing is the price of the Hub and sensors wen’t up and are no longer on sale. So I didn’t order as much as I did the first time. :frowning: I did use the referral code so I got 15% off.

I have the first pass of the integration ready. More details in this thread:

I started a new thread to more easily track issues and updates.


Thanks for your contribution, I’ll provide feedback once mine arrive.

Looks like they now have an IFTTT channel up.

I tried to use that promo code. Seems it doesn’t work any more. Looks like it was a referral code that ended today. If anyone else has one let me know. I’d like to try it out. Thanks!


It would appear they have done away with the referral program, and replaced it with an affiliate program. Problem is that the affiliate program doesn’t offer the customer any kind of discount.


There is still a discount code box on checkout and I also signed up to be on their newsletters. Are there any current discount codes available. Looking to order a 5 pack of the sensors

With the integration work done by @swanny, this is one of the best sensors I have at home.

Highly recommended…Initial cost is steep, but as you add more sensors, it makes more sense.


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Yup! Battery life is amazing, super tiny, and great range. Love the online data charts… I even have a couple in the fridge.

I have to agree. I will be replacing all my temperature sensors with these over time. The 2 I have in fridge and freezer are amazing!

I use them to monitor my doors, they work great! Battery life still at 98% after 1 year of use. Awesome product.

Wow, gotta say I’m stunned to see all this positive discussion about WST. After I finally got what I ordered, mine would work a few days, then disappear. I’d contact the company and they’d say something like, “Oh, that’s just software. Reset them.” Of course, to “reset” them you have to take them apart, pull the battery, etc. They swapped my whole setup out but it was just as buggy and useless as the first one. I asked for and received an RMA, returned all the gear. Never heard a word after that. No refund. They don’t answer my emails.

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Mine were wonky until i set them to “Narrow” then the wonky went away and have been great since. I have had only one disappear, but I parked a quad between it and the receiver.

I have 6 and they all work great… No issues for over a year now. Derek

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Is anyone having motion deactivation issues with the Kumo PIR. I got one in yesterday to test. The temperature graphs are very nice. The hub is tiny. The build quality is great. . . But it’s taking a very long time to expire motion.

Swanny’s integration automatically expires the motion in ST after 60 seconds. But the tags themselves still read motion. Hence, they won’t send any more motion events. Perhaps there is something keeping it alive, but I don’t think so.

I’ve set the tag to expire at 2 minutes. It seems to always take at least 10.

This is fairly old however I am curious if anybody still reading this purchased and has a Wireless Tag account with IFTTT? I would like to know the triggers that are available. (and actions if you got time).

Basically I’m interested to use it (Wireless Tag Pro ALS) for the LUX light sensor capability ( Wireless Tag Pro ALS but I wanted to see the IFTTT triggers available before purchase.