Anybody looked into integrating Wireless Sensor Tags?

V2 looks very promising, especially the 700ft wireless range as well as the battery life that can go for multiple years as long as update frequency is kept low (plenty of use cases for that).

Could see them used on all doors and windows to control AC/Lighting/Status


Sweetness I find new stuff almost everyday on this forum related to the Internet of Things!

It appears they have an API, I’d guess for the right person this would be a pretty easy integration.

These look awesome; how do you guys find this stuff?

While native support would be cool, they can call a url, so endpoints are a reasonable option now. You can even pass a param (although only an integer by the looks of it).

Ordering some now!

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Yep, that’s what you get using 430 MHz frequency band. At least someone’s not scared of bigger antennas. :smile:


Exactly. As I said, I could see them on every window, door, gate, garage door. double sided tape and you are good to go. The fact that they measure temp and humidity is a bonus for that.

Until now the range and frequent battery change has made me hold off on any door and window sensors.

These might change, even though the company looks small and very new - but so are many in this space. Once can only hope they are in it for the long run.

Let us know how it goes. I have a couple more things to install and setup before I can order more or my wife will hit the alarm button… :wink:

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Interesting how they are doing open/closed:

3D magnetic sensor detects not only tilt, but also horizontal rotation. Therefore, it does not matter which direction the tag is placed with respect to the rotation or disturbance to be detected. Watch demo.
When configured in “Door/gate mode”, each tag may be strapped to garage doors , regular doors in any orientation, or simply thrown into your fridge door pocket ( See the entire process of setup ) to monitor if the door is open or closed.

I wonder how accurate these are? What if the door is open only a crack… would this still be considered open? I know that there is the same potential inaccuracy in magnet sensors, but I wondering if this is better or worse or about the same? If it’s nearly the same (and it integrated seamlessly with ST) I could replace five door sensors with these and re-allocate those to windows.

Even more interesting:

With some tweaks, monitoring sliding door is also possible.

Obviously this should also work on a sliding horizontal window (I’ve got 8 of those). And might possibly work on a vertical sliding window (I’ve got… ummm… 10 of those)?

I suppose the big question is how smoothly will they work? Will a smartapp be able to watch these for open/close change of status? Will I be able to subscribe to events with these sensors?

Pretty darn sensitive

Highly sensitive.
Each wireless motion sensor tag has a 3D digital magnetic sensor that can precisely measure the orientation of the tag (referenced to the magnetic field of the Earth) with a resolution less than 1 degree.

Here’s a link to FCC filings with pictures for all you curious types:

They suggest to setup a sensor with 2-3 degree threshold for doors and 20+ degrees for garage doors to avoid false positives.

Sliding windows could be an issue. Glad we have tiling windows that open like doors.

Operational down to -40F. Hello Smart Refrigerator/Freezer!

That was my first thought too when they talked about putting one in the fridge to see when someone opened it. I’d like to put one in to monitor if the fridge stops working for some reason. Though, I suppose the #1 cause of the fridge stopping would be power failure, and then it’s be hard to get a notification if my hub and router went down too. :smile:

I’d put it in my kegerator to monitor temps.

Chris - the ST cloud service will notify you if your hub is offline for 30 min indicating a power failure. If your fridge is plugged into a smart outlet you can use scottinpollocks power failure app for local failure notifications when your hub is still up but maybe the fridge breaker popped.

I have UPS on my low voltage board (communication, router, modem, Hue and SmartThings hubs, etc.) and on my server. Very rare that internet goes down because of a power failure due to ComCast having a generator at the head end (unless it runs out of fuel, which has happened only once).

I have a SmartApp that notifies me on power failure and restore (happens a lot where I live), and turns off my Hues after power is restored (because they all turn on at that point).

Fortunately we have pretty dang reliable power where I live. I’ve think we’ve only lost power like 5-6 times in the 15 years or so that we’ve owned this home, and then when it does happen is usually just a few hours max before it’s restored. I can only remember one time that we were done for a couple days after a particularly nasty ice storm during the winter. The upside was that because it was winter making ice was easy so I just put out some old milk jugs to freeze and used those to keep things cold in the fridge.

Anyway, long story short… not too huge of a need for a UPS, so I’d prefer to use the WAP points on other stuff. :smile:

Ok… my wireless tag kit just came. Initial impression… WAY COOL!

Devices seem very well made. Manager is smaller than a pack of smokes, tags are smaller than a standard matchbook. Tags can be calibrated for motion sensitivity, temperature, and humidity. I am currently calibrating them to my Venstar thermostat.

There are a myriad of settings (all of which I have not fully explored), such as re-arming motion from 10 seconds to 30 minutes (or not at all, requiring manual re-arming), and device updating for temperature and humidity.

Event logs and stat tracking is available for temperature, moisture/RH, motion/door, and battery voltage, with graphs sharable to others via a web page and the iOS app (and even FaceBook [yawn]), and even an iFrame for current values… and the data is exportable via CSV.

Range is very good. I think this will be my mailbox notification system as it is about 100 ft away (and face it, the tags are cheap). So far, event latency seems to be on pair with SmartThings.

The URL calling feature seems pretty darn robust, can execute GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE, and there is a per url setting for LAN based calls from the tag manager, or WAN based through their servers (SWEET). There are a number of variables that can be merged into the URL as well via an integer in curly braces. Enclosed is a picture of the URL caller (love the “Apply to All Tags” option)…


This sounds really encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing! I am about to pull the trigger myself, as I need a way to monitor all our windows in our house and turn various AC zones off when windows are open… :wink:

Since our windows are the tilt type that rotate out, these sensors should be a perfect match.

Coupon code TAG-ffbt3dtf will get you 15% off an order of $72 or more.

BTW the local url calling works great, as does the Android notifications. You can set which devices get them on a per sensor basis.

In addition to the rule building, there’s an app building system as well. Haven’t played with it yet, but looks like java. Guessing they run locally as there is a cpu and memory meter on the app panel. This is turning into so much more than I thought it would be.

Thank you for the coupon code! I pulled the trigger and ordered a few of them. Want to know if any windows or doors are open and tie them into the Cooling/Heating. Having the temp around the perimeter (inside of the windows) of the house should also be interesting

Custom URL calling:

This is awesome! You could set it up to call into SmartThings REST endpoints to turn switches, trigger Hello Home actions, send SMS messages and what not!