Yale Smart Lock Conexis L1 Smart Handle

I’m a ST user in the UK and just came across the Yale Smart Lock Conexis L1 Smart Handle. Does anyone have any experience with this handle? I’m not too sure how this lock works but currently on my front door I have one of those Key-operated multi-point locking system that looks similar to the following pic:

I have also come across the following youtube video about the vulnerability of the Yale smart locks which seems to feature SmartThings in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwm6nvC9Xhc

Any thoughts on this?

If I were to replace my current lock with one of these, what are the pros and cons? This seems like it’s completely keyless and operated by a battery but what happens when lets say the tech fails or something not working in the tech, surely we should have a mechanical key or bypass option? For example what happens if internet goes down at the house and it cannot communicate with ST? Does it directly communicate with ST or do you have to add it to a Yale system first and then route it into ST?

I got one a while back and sent it back it’s enormous and would not work in or out of the door, never got any further than that with it

It comes with fobs

If the internet is down then the hub cannot communicate with it. You will need to use your FOB’s to operate the lock. If the battery is dead, I believe there is an external 9v battery port where you can attach a battery to power it back up and then you your fob/ST to unlock it.

Have you considered using a lock with a keypad so you can use codes instead?


I assume it will be bigger than existing lock but according to the tech specs and Yale UK it’s supposed to be able to directly replace UK locks with slight modifications. Why did you return it? I am considering getting one and if I don’t like it I guess I can return it. From what I understand I have to get a z-wave module separately is that true? Am I correct in understanding you use Yale App to program fobs and cards and bluetooth to the lock. How does that App Communicate with the Lock?

A 9V port on the external side? that sounds good. I dont like the idea of the keypad because externally won’t look as good.

From what I understand so far it seems the device runs completely independently and hence out of the box it can just operate without being paired to any App or connecting to any smart home. I think there is a pairing button to pair fobs and cards to the device which I assume then stores the data on the device itself. If this is the case, does anyone know how many card and fobs it can have registered in its memory? Does anyone know how the Yale App to allow remote key works? I watch the advert and in the advert it shows that you can give remote access to a yale app user

Yes it will run independently, the one that I had seemed to work but it would not lock the door with the lock in or out of the door to test. Additionally the wires that connect are very thin and look like they will break very easily.

On my current door the multi-point locking system requires you to pull the handle up to get those extra locking points to extract and then you can use the key to lock it. How does this Yale work? If I don’t pull the handle up does it just lock the handle itself? And if you wanted to lock it with all the locking points I assume you have to pull the handle up?

You have to pull the handle up, the lock motor and gears only turn the key part of the lock

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So if I don’t pull the handle up, it will still lock the handle itself preventing the door from being opened right? On a normal multi-point locking system if you pull the handle up but it hasn’t fully released the other locking points then you can’t turn the key. When you are locking it with a key you can tell that this has happened because you can’t turn the key so you have to pull the handle a little higher to make sure its fully released. But I am wondering what will happen with this lock? if the key wasn’t able to turn will this one also have that issue?

No you must pull the handle up or it will not lock just like you do now, the motor only turns what the key turned

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Just had a thought, when you sometimes pull the handle up, if it has fully gone up and engaged the other locks you are not able to turn they key on the main cylinder. Seeing as the yale uses some sort of motor to turn the actuator, does it have some sort of fail-safe so that if it’s not able to turn like the way a key wouldnt be able to turn then it just comes back to unlocked position until you lift the handle fully up?

Ok seems like I have the answer to my own question above. I tested that scenario by not pulling handle all the way up. The motor just whines. I was worried it might send the entire thing out of sync. But it somehow magically works, when I then pull the handle up all the way it locks.

Does anyone know if there is any kind of safety plastic clip that you can possibly push into the end of the thumbturn to prevent being able to actually push it in? reason I ask is it can easily be unlocked by a child