Any Way to Integrate RING Video Doorbell 4

Is there any way to integrate the Version 4 Ring Video Doorbell at this time? Looks like the Version 3 is the latest. Not even the 3+ is listed.

When’s the last time you tried integrating it? The ring integration was updated last week.

Still looks half finished though…

Right, but it adds integration for a lot of previously missing ring cameras and doorbells.


And there was a staff comment that they do intend to eventually add integration for all of the camera and doorbell models. :sunglasses:

My iPhone SmartThings App didn’t update for anything new.

Add Ring again. Than swap newly added Ring devices in current automations, and than remove old Ring integration (Connect)

This isn’t an app update. It’s an update between the smartthings cloud and the ring cloud. Try going through the process to add ring to the smartthings app again.


yes the cameras are finally in smart things and working :slight_smile:

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Perhaps I don’t understand. When I try to add new Ring devices in my iPhone App, I only have the choice of old devices. How does one get to the new device integrations? Is it via another route beside the iPhone App?

It’s in the smartthings app, but you have to make a connection at the account level between your SmartThings account and your ring account. Then that should pull in any eligible devices from your Ring account so they show up in your smartthings app. that’s why sometimes when they add new devices to the integration you sometimes have to log out of the account level integration and log back in in order to get the new devices to show up.

There’s probably more than one way to get to your linked services, but this is how I do it.

  1. Tap on the three horizontal line icon in the upper left of the main screen.

  1. Choose settings, which is the little gear icon in the upper right of the pop-up:

  1. Find “ linked services“ and tap on the action icon on that line:

  1. This will bring up the list of services that you have linked at the account level to your account. So when you select one of those, you will be able to unlink it.

I can’t remember if you can link it again from there, if not, just try to add any device from that service and you should be given the sign-in screens again.


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JD has it right. Settings> linked services and delete the old ring integration. Then + menu and add ring again.


I notice that the old integration you can turn on & off the lights of the floodlight but the new integration is missing that option.

Many thanks.

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