Any updated information on Okidokeys integration?


After trying several options we found Okidokeys and it has been the best door lock experience. The interface is fast, connection and response is nearly instant. They are giving out their open api to anyone who wants it and I’m told many home automation companies have requested it for full integration.

I know August lock works with Nest etc but as a lock, it has a lot of problems getting connected to the app and responding to commands. Okidokeys doesn’t suffer from that. Any updates on this would be lovely, especially if Smartthings is one who asked for the API. Thanks so much for any info, help, thoughts you can share!

I’m looking at the okidokeys as well.
I’ll try and include a mention for @benedwards to see if there has been any progress.

@Ben_Edwards have you heard of okidokeys? any integration in place?

I’m thinking about buying okidokeys over August - the reviews are better and I like the RFID tags capability and the upcoming wifi smart gateway for okidokeys and better price point. Shouldn’t this be controllable from the smart things hub? SmartThings engineers, any updates on Okidokeys integration??? THANKS. The August lock has far too many poor reviews on instability and the device unlocking and locking when not desired, potentially leaving a home UNLOCKED while away - far too risky esp for a $300 device.

FWIW, I purchased Okidokeys over August for all the reasons you stated. Support, when I’ve needed it, has been awesome. I had a couple of questions when I first installed it, it was over a weekend and after hours on support. I left a voice message. Despite it was outside of their stated hours, I had a phone call back in just a short time answering my questions so I could get on with installation. Excellent. I just can’t get past the awful reviews and the fact that non-iOS users (Android) get completely shafted by the devs at August. Features that have been on iOS for a year or more - and that they sell the lock on (such as auto unlock) are still not available at all on Android, and there’s no ETA. Okidokeys has been offering the same features on both platforms which I appreciate. The SmartReader with the RFID works great and it also allows you to give “keys” to people without smartphones. August requires all users to have smartphones. So someone with a cheap prepaid or dumbphone can still get a keycode to use with the same SmartReader that works with the tags. It’s just offers a lot more options. I will also say that there is some cool stuff that they’ve been developing that will be released in an upcoming app update on both platforms. It’s going to bring some functionality that August doesn’t have and the implementation makes it much safer than August.

Just my opinion as an actual user. Hope it proves helpful. I do know directly from Okidokeys that numerous home automation companies have been in touch to get their API so they can offer integration with Okidokeys. Hopefully, SmartThings is among them!

Good luck with your decisions.

Any advances on the integration with okidokeys?

I’m trying to decide between Okidokeys and Danalock…

which one is the most “invisible” to the non-tech mom?