OkiDokeys - another Smart lock

I live in an apartment and I am unable to replace my lock with a Yale, Schlage or Kwikset that replaces both sides of the lock. I need something that fits over the deadbolt lever or just replaces the back side, and doesn’t need a new lock cylinder/new keys. I was eying lockitron but it seems that turned into a Kickstarter nightmare. Thanks to Reddit I found this.


They seem to have a lot of stuff: Lock, Reader, Key Card, Wristband, Keychain, smartwatch (?) etc though I really just need the lock. They support Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Crypto Acoustic Credential (CAC). It looks like you need their hub for remote access I’m assuming I’d need their hub and smartthings doesn’t have what it needs to talk directly to the lock, much like Phillips Hue, but I could be wrong. I 'm going to need a rack for my HA hubs soon, lol.


OKIDOKEYS will begin shipping in the Spring 2014. The pre-orders began in January 2014 and being processed in the order they are received. To stay up to date on the timing and other company news, please subscribe to our email list.

Should have mentioned that, thanks. I placed an order, so I’ll be the guinnae pig and report back.

This one looks interesting. Would be what i’m looking for since my front door’s lock has the handle and lock portion integrated so it makes upgrading the locks a pain. I wish this locks would also have a built in door sensor that would detect open/close status though.

Ha, funny you mention that. I had a client with said type of door(double actually) and he wanted a yale. So he cut the thing in half (crooked no less) and had us slap a Yale in.

For a sensor you’d need a contact or IR trip (maybe something in the “lock hole”, I should really figure out the term for that). Would make the install a bit more involved so I just slap a multi on top for that.

Semi related is a Smart door bell but Okydokies has something similar in their pack

lol, that probably looked really ugly, which is why I didn’t want to go that route.

I hope this can get integrated into ST somehow.

Is Skybell or Doorbot or doorbell or whatever get integrated into ST?

I saw one topic on skybell and doorbot, the devs might be working on it.

I really hope so, it’s kinda annoying to have at least 5 apps to maintain my home.

I emailed okidokeys with the same sentiment, I’ll see what they say.

Well, damn, this isn’t going to work for me, it seems like my front door lock wouldn’t work because it’s like this

Oh well… i’ll have to wait for makers to come out with a similar lock setup because I can go with remote locks I guess.

@nomisr - So is that an integrated deadbolt? You could replace only the deadbolt, then not lock the other lock. Not great but could work.

Well, we get an API, cool.

"Dear Customer,

Thanks for your message.

Yes we are developping an API that we be shared with selected 3rd party partners.

Please let us know if we can help you further,
Best Regards,


It’s not an actual mortise lock but a standard deadbolt lock, but pretty much looks like the picture. At least right now, I don’t see any solutions for a direct replacement for even something that would work like the Okidokey otherwise, i’d be all over it since the face plate and the handle pieces would make it difficult to replace without possibly painting, filling holes and such.

I’m guessing you wanted @ben_edwards @nomisr?