After IRIS: Day 2 “All Devices Disconnected”

I’m doing an after-IRIS integration project. As expected, early IRIS door sensors and early IRIS Smart Plugs wouldn’t pair. UtiliTech and newer IRIS water sensors paired fine. Sylvania flood lights paired quickly with removal and reapplication of power. Waiting on IRIS key fobs to be connected with new ST software. Went ahead and bought ST Arrival fobs. I was impressed with the speed of pairing all new ST devices, especially when scanning bar codes. Nice.
Got up this morning after setting up system yesterday and ALL DEVICES are disconnected. Tried rebooting modem, router and ST hub with 3 minute wait. Phone app is up to date, hub firmware is updated too. No success.
Any advice?

First off, forgive my fog, I am still sipping my first cup of coffee for the morning. But I wanted to get some clarity.

Could you please specifiy which particular SmartThings hub you are using? There are a good number of them and there might be some issues specific to one that are not to another.

Is the hub new? If so, wait until noon Easter time and give Samsung / SmartThings support a call. It is possible that you got a bad hub… It is possible that you need to do a cold boot of the hub to make it happy again. Your best bet is again, calling SmartThings support, and if you want to be sure you get through to them, call them when they open, noon Eastern Time… I know the site says 9 to 9, but the site lies…

Not sure about the ST fobs. For presence indicators I am simply using smart phones, but then again, we don’t have kids…

While I have now gotten far further than I ever did with Iris, I have noticed some issues. Just like issues with Iris, bad hardware happens. I have had 2 ADT/ST door and window sensors that were defective out of the box. I have had 5 first gen Iris contact sensors that were defective out of the box. So I guess failure rate on ST at least in my experience is lower.

Hopefully you can get this sorted without having to send the hub back… It does happen.


I would suggest calling support.
(Reports are that email is slow and calls often get faster resolution)


Calls get action today. Emails get action in a couple of weeks…

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Hey @Ted_Bost_Jr

It appears that your hub is offline. Can you verify that your hub is currently powered and share the current state of the LED on the front of the hub?

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Brand new hub. Light cycles red, blue, green steady in about one minute.

Let me check a few things from my side. I’ll shoot you a PM if I need any more info :slight_smile:


Wow that was unusually fast!

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FWIW, I love seeing you staff folks here! You offer an insight us regular users just don’t have…


Are you still seeing this issue? I’ve retrieved logs from your hub and it appears that your hub has been online for the last 25 minutes. If the issue is gone, I’m wondering if you changed anything on your end (reboot, power supply, etc).

No change. Apps on my phone and wife’s phone show no devices. Hub light green and steady. I rebooted all right before you checked.

Can you confirm that you are using the “new” Samsung Connect app, and not the SmartThings Classic app?

If you are using the new app, have you installed and tried the Classic app? There are a fair amount of discussions in this Community about the differences, pros/cons, and the some-day-yet-to-be-known retirement of the Classic app, so I recommend looking at those.

I’m betting that your devices will be OK in the Classic app.

That’s just my opinion (and experience), and you’ll get a lot of feedback about the two apps from several others. While progress with the new app is happening, there’s still a lot to do.

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So no devices show up vs. disconnected per your first post?

Check to make sure you’re using the correct Location (tap on the little hamburger menu on the left, then you should see a drop down option to select a Location. You may have 2.

Ka-ching! Classic app shows all devices and they are responding. Really like the look and feel of new app and I’m sure it will be great once worked out. BTW, wife and I are both using Motorola z3. Location looks good both address and map.


Thanks to support staff and community!!


Community FAQ on the differences between the two apps. (The topic title is a clickable link). Remember that it has already been announced that the classic app will be retired, they just haven’t given us a timeframe yet.

Yeah, that’s the link I was looking for, but I should be paying attention in a meeting I’m in now so I didn’t spend too much time looking for it…

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Retired now. Flashback to many meetings. Thanks for link. STSC will be great. So intuitive…


My bad guys. Yeah if you are carrying over Iris devices, I’d steer clear of the new app unless absolutely necessary… Samsung has a long way to go with the new SmartThings app before it’s ready for prime time.

Not just converts either. Most of my devices say “checking status…”, and if you can find a device to open, chances are it will lock up and crash the app (like it’s doing this very instant…). Too many issues to list here, you’re spot on about a long way to go.