Iris Contact Sensor Unavailable


Only using SmartThings for about 4 days now but I consider myself somewhat tech savvy. I have multiple Iris sensors located throughout my house on doors and such. My issues is one of them has suddenly started becoming unavailable all the time. It is my kitchen on my back door and if I had to draw a straight line from the hub it is probably no more than 50 feet away. I have a Sengled bulb practically right next to the bulb that’s working without issue. When I remove the battery and reinsert it, the sensor works for about 3 minutes and then becomes unavailable again. Do you think it is a connection issue or a lemon sensor? I have not tried manually resetting the sensor yet. Thank you and apologies if this has been discussed before.

Could be a mesh issue. 50’ is quite a distance if there isn’t a repeater in between.

I would look at getting a Zigbee repeater device such as the Iris Smart Plug to boost(repeat) the communication between your device and the Hub.

The more repeaters (typically hardwired or plug in devices) the stronger the mesh. Same for Z-Wave devices.

Although 50ft isn’t anywhere close to the (under perfect conditions) maximum distance I would definitely consider a repeater. Other things besides distance alone can effect reception, so a repeater never hurts.

But before I wen’t to the expense I would try to at least reset the hub. Zigbee doesn’t have a “repair” like ZWave - but if you remove the batteries and power down the hub for a few min it has been reported to solve connection issues.

You could also remove the sensor and try it manually with it closer to the hub to see if it a distance issue… Yes, it’s a pain but if you are going to replace it you have to take it down and put one up anyway… at least this will let you know if you should perhaps buy a repeater instead of a replacement sensor.

Perhaps a battery issue - weathered contact / low battery / good battery but low voltage ?