"New App" Keeps Resetting View

In the new SmartThings app i have an issue where the “view” when opening the app keeps resetting. I customize the layout, organizing the rooms in an order I want, hiding ones I do not. Hiding certian devices so they do not show as favorites, and organize all the devices in an order that works for me.

And it seems every week or two this get wiped out. All devices show on the main screen aga, the order of the rooms reset and hidden rooms are visible. This happens on tablets and phone.

Had anyone else had this issue? Is there anyway to prevent this from happenng? I have a lot of devices and hue scenes synced an re organizing is time consuming

This was fixed on iOS for me with the last app update. Is your app up to date?

I have andoid tablets and phone, I just checked, they are up to date. Ithough maybe it was due to it updating but that is not the case either.

I have had it happen too (Android 8.0}. Even with this latest version of ST. I have not figured out the trigger for it to happen though.

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