Change Default View to Things

(Av8rdude) #1

I like the new Dashboard concept. But it is not useful for the app to always launch in the Dashboard view.

I would like the ability to have the app launch directly to the Things view. There are too many steps required to simply turn something on. If you are not going to support widgets on android then you could easily allow the user to select the launch view.


Things is the new Dashboard?
Things is the new Dashboard?
(Darryl) #2

I’ll second that! :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #3

The mobile apps should remember where you last were and take you there. iOS and Android work a bit differently in the regard and it depends on if the app has been running in the background or completely closed.

Are you guys are on Android? iOS tends to do a bit “better” at this, retaining screen preference over sessions, where Android tends to bring you back to the dashboard if the app has been closed.

(Brian Steere) #4

I think the idea is that the app would go straight to things everytime the app opens. Not just remembering where I was because I didn’t close the app last time I used it.

(Darryl) #5

I’m on Android.

Actually I have found a bug which sometimes when I go back into smart things, it actually does go to the Things, but the screen is blank. I have to back out to the dashboard, then go back to things, to see the items.

(Brian Steere) #6

I’ve seen that issue as well

(Darryl) #7

I think its actually when I have not fully closed out of the app… so I guess that does mean it does remember where we were… but it doesn’t refresh the screen.

(Av8rdude) #8

I am using Android and have a single IOS device in the family. The Android app will run in the background and open to the Things view for a period of time. But after a while it opens to a blank Things view. You can use the back arrow in the interface to return to a working Dashboard and then back to Things. This blank view does not crash the app.

Android does a great job of managing apps in the background and closing unnecessary stuff. So it would be much better if there was a setting in the SmartThings app to control the launch view instead of relying on the operating system to keep the app running in the background…just a suggestion.

But instead of wasting manpower on this just have your Android developers build a simple Things widget or two. I’ve made individual apk files using “Tasker App Factory” and example endpoints. This allows me to install the app for a device and place it on a home screen to quickly control Things like a widget. I can also give this apk to family to install on any android device and quickly control Things.

(George Sudarkoff) #9

I disagree. There should be two distinct modes to the app: 1) keeping an eye on the state of things and controlling the things and 2) configuring things. Configuring things shouldn’t be clomped together with everything else. State and control is what the app should launch into.