Any one else have their smart home monitor locked to"armed"

I woke up to my alarm stuck in armed and going nuts (my bride was getting ready for work). I ended up disabling all sensors to get it to quit alarming. Tried rebooting the hub. Am i the only one? I was tired and upset and sent a rather rude(frustrated) email to support I wish I could call back now that I’m fully awake.

Happened to me a month or so ago… which is why I don’t use it anymore.

I’m was thinking the same thing. My phone notifies me whenever a door or window opens anyway so I guess I don’t need it. I use tasker to announce these events anyway. Thanks for letting me know I’m not losing my mind.

Seems like anything with a schedule attached will eventually break in SmartThings. I keep removing scheduled tasks. Soon there’ll be nothing left.

I’m right there with you. If I could find triggers for my gradual light alarms in the morning I think I could completely remove time based events. We set regular backup alarms just in case now. I have been reading some of the posts about others (much smarter than I) using external sources for timing since smartthings can’t seem to handle time based events. I deleted smart home monitor this morning. I will monitor the sensors using rule machine. It’s much more stable than any smartthings software at this point.

My scheduled stuff still include water heater and modes (removed the lights and use the Hue hub for those schedules a while back). Next is to create end points for the water heater and some virtual switches to set modes, and call those URLs from my server.

I don’t know if it’s going to work but I’m fairly flexible with my start time on my events.

I’m thinking of trying a rule in rule machine that gives me a 15 minute window for the event to start. The only other problem I’ve had with the “wake-up alarm using light smart app” is it doesn’t always finish. I see that they have figured out his to use rule machine to simulate the app. I may give that a shot. Most of my mode changes are event driven. I just wish they would fix the platform.

While mine isn’t visibly stuck on armed, it’s been going off ALL DAY! It says its disarmed but guess what? Every time a door opens, all the lights in the house turn on and the living room lights start flashing. Yet again, I’m glad we never got around to buying a siren because the amount of false alarms we have caused by ST issues is beyond ridiculous.

PS: I’ve noticed in the sometimes past if you change it to arm stay, then back to disarmed, it will finally get it.

I ended up removing the whole thing and reinstalling the app. The help desk said they have been getting tickets about smart home monitor going bonkers. If it does it again I’ll disable the whole darn thing and monitor the sensors with rule machine. I got the impression smartthings knows everything is broke I am just not sure they know how to fix it with the load they are seeing. They are probably starting to realize that a cloud based system wasn’t the best approach. Just my guess anyway. I did hear from the help desk with 6 hours or so, that is better than it has been.

This happened to me and I was not able to disarm with the SMH button. It would show disarm and then I leave the tab and return it would be armed.
The only way I could disarm SHM was to use a routine to change modes. This finally disarmed the SHM.
I use it every night and this has only happened once in the middle of the day. No one in the family had any explanation on how it was armed in the first place.