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Any light switches for 2 wire that work direct with ST, no extra hub?


Although I have ST and I’ve got some smart lamps working fine, other people in house are still physically switching off the light switch at the wall and so then lose control via ST.

So is there any replacement light switches that work with 2 wire in UK (no neutral), that don’t need an extra hub? I don’t want another light switch seperate from my current either, I want a replacement really.


(Andi) #2

There’s z-wave dimmer modules (fibaro etc) you can fit behind your switch if your back box is deep enough / or you can change it (you’ll probably have to change the actual switch / faceplate to a momentary /retractive type as well).

Or there’s a smart app on here that’ll let you use hue switches direct with ST without a hue hub.

I’ve not found a direct replacement so far.


I actually bought a Fibaro module… Years ago and never got around to trying/replacing. I think as not enough room and they looked complicated tbh.

In another house I had the v1 of LightWaveRF, those switches worked fine and easy to replace, can’t believe here in UK we still don’t have any working ones…

When you say hue switch so you mean this one?

That means other switch on the wall, probably beside the current and not really what I wanted, as imagine they’d then switch both off!?!

(Andi) #4

Yeah that’s the type i mean, they are battery powered. You can get adapters that fit over the old light switch (3d printed or injection moulded). You pop the little remote in the middle out and can still access the original switch.

The good point about using the fibaro or similar modules is you can use any bog standard dimable bulb. They look far more complicated to wire up than they are, but as with any mains voltage, if you aren’t 100% sure what you are doing, get a sparky to do it for you.

The whole HA revolution hasn’t really hit it big time over here, other countries have far more choice than we do.


Ok thanks, although handy not ideally want I’m wanting.

I remember another reason hadn’t fitted Fibaro, it needs to go on the ceiling rose, I think, as within the actual light switch is ok not the live feed, however whoever did this house they just plastered over everything when fitting spots and I don’t know where it is, and if did I don’t really have access.

(Andi) #6

i did see a video on youtube where a guy changed out his light switch for a momentary switch with a battery operated controller. He basically just choc blocked off the wires and didn’t use them, but i can’t find it now.

Surely there must be a permanent live feed going to the switch and a switched live going from the switch to lights? The fibaro dimmers only need 2 wires.

There are full on switches, but again they need deep back boxes and seem to need 3 wire

maybe have a read through this thread for some ideas.

(John Lockwood) #7


Normally yes the switches have to be wired. It is possible to use a wireless switch (with battery) which would have to send a signal either to a smart bulb like a Philips Hue bulb, or to a smart relay/dimmer module which is wired in to the lighting circuit e.g. in the ceiling void. So no it would almost certainly not be a standard momentary switch.


Yes fitting a module like the Fibaro in/near the ceiling rose should mean you do not need a 3-wire link to the light switch - at least for on/off control. Fibaro Dimmer modules are designed to be usable on 2-wire circuits although for also providing dimmer control this might require the module to be in the switch back box. This still saves having to rewire all your lighting circuits.

I personally am planning to get all my light switches re-wired to have 3-way cables as part of a larger project. I am also currently leaning towards using Insteon micro modules rather than Fibaro modules.

Whilst currently Insteon have withdrawn their HomeKit gateway they claim they will be launching a new (better) one at some point, the currently available gateway does not support HomeKit but does support Alexa and Smartthings. Also Insteon unlike Fibaro also make plugin switches and dimmers suitable for desk lamps. As far as I can see you would use the same momentary switches and could even like Fibaro also create a pull-cord momentary switch for bathrooms. However unlike Fibaro there is the possibility of adding HomeKit support.

(Yes Fibaro make a HomeKit compatible relay aka on/off module but no dimmer module and it is HomeKit only and hence not compatible with Alexa or Smartthings as well.)

I would still overall prefer Lutron Caseta but there is no sign of that becoming available for Europe. :disappointed: