Basic light switch on/off in UK with the live only (no neutral)

Haven’t been here a while, and let my ST do not much really.

I have some Lightify lamps, but really I’m wanting to control more lights with my ST motion detects. This will be easier with a light switch, but here in UK mostly we just have a live in/out and no neutral.

I bought a relay once but it’s too big to fit in so never used it.

So is there now a simple light switch, works with live only here in UK?


So is there

Could you use a dimmer switch? Rather than an on/off switch? For technical reasons, it’s easier to do no neutral with a dimmer.

If so, just wait a few months and there should be multiple Matter-compatible dimmers available that will work without custom code.

If you just can’t wait, you want zwave, and again you’re ok with a dimmer model, the Fibaro Walli dimmer should work in a 2 wire configuration, although you might require the bypass module as well. Try asking Vesternet tech support to help you assess what would work:

(And again, the walli on/off switch requires a neutral wire, but the dimmer does not. The physics are different.)

But if it was me, I would wait for Matter. This is a device class where we are likely to see a bunch of new easy to integrate candidates in a few months. :thinking:

Oh, and my personal recommendation is NOT to get any of the Tuya based devices, including Moes, Yagusmart, Livolo, and Zemismart until Matter compatibility is available. The feature list and price will look great, but integrating with SmartThings is always a pain. See the many many forum discussion threads. So that includes anything with the Tuya logo or that uses the Smart Life app. It’s not impossible, but for now it’s way more work than more standard brands.

Happy to wait yes. So is my current ST hub v2 going to be compatible with Matter?

Do you think a lot more will come for what I want? I’m just thinking it takes so long for compatibility and then marketing etc it could be years not months to come?

I do remember about a bypass now. Trouble is I don’t know where the connections are and they are inaccessible as plastered ceilings.


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The V2 hub will work with Matter, yes. And I do think there will be lots of candidates before June 2023.

One more possibility now: Aqara has several no neutral zigbee models. They do need a custom edge driver, though.

ive got a Yagusmart Zigbee Smart Wall Light Switch, works great with the edge drivers

Yeah, they can usually be made to work eventually. The issue is that there are literally a half dozen or more firmware variations under the same model number for almost every model, and there are lots of different models. Check any thread on one of the tuya-created devices in the forum and you will find people saying “it’s not working for me“ until somebody figures out if it’s a different fingerprint or needs a different parameter setting or whatever. They’re just a lot more work than the more standardized devices, although that may be worth it to you because of the cost.

Once everyone is supporting matter, which Tuya has said they are going to in the future, My hope is that you’ll be able to buy a specific Tuya model hub, add all your tuya devices to that, and then add the Tuya hub to your SmartThings account in one easy step, and have it bring most of its devices with it. No custom code, no headaches about whether my model TS0104 is the same as your model TS0104. But that’s just one possible future, and it’s not here yet.


Any chance you have the model number please?


hi here is the one i bought

but dont know model without taking it out of the wall.

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Thanks a million for this.

Could I trouble you to check functionality without taking it off the wall?!

If you click the three dots (top right on the switch options) there is one option marked settings, which should then give you another option to choose button being detached or switch.

Could you check if it has those two options please?

Thanks a million!

yes certainly,