VFAQ: Lighting Control Options for UK SmartThings

Some additional switches for the UK.

Firstly some momentary switches suitable for use with the Fibaro z-wave dimmer modules. See - http://zwave-products.co.uk/epages/c52574ce-7814-4e39-8602-e19657ce0eaf.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/c52574ce-7814-4e39-8602-e19657ce0eaf/Categories/3/Dimmer__Switch_Inserts/Faceplates

I particularly like the Click Polar range which is available in 1, 2, 3 and double 2 = 4 gang versions. Being momentary switches you only get on and off control even though you are using a Fibaro dimmer module. Being that you are using the Fibaro dimmer module you can use just two wires. If you use low power LEDs you might also need the Fibaro bypass module as well.

Second, some UK Z-Wave wall switches. Being actual Z-Wave wall switches they do not need the Fibaro dimmer module. As far as I can see the mains powered versions do require three-wires but uniquely so far as I have found they actually can do on/off and dim up/dim down! All the other Z-Wave wall switches I have seen are simple on/off only. They also have a battery powered version which might work with two wires. These are from MK well known for doing UK electrical products who I have discovered are owned by HoneyWell. See http://www.mkelectric.com/en-GB/Products/WD/Astral/Pages/default.aspx they also have a handheld remote control and a gateway for working with iPhones. I suspect this gateway is redundant if your using a Smartthings Hub.

I am starting to consider getting all my lights rewired for three wires :grimacing: as it happens I am going to need to install some additional wiring so might kill two birds with one stone.

The one thing with the MK Astral range that disappoints me is the lack of a 3 gang version.